Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still Plenty of Construction Going On

There is still plenty of construction going on at the Disneyland Resort

View after bag check

Some activity taking place on top

Disney California Adventure is the first stop.

Once inside, the Orange Monorail passes across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Looks like pieces of the bridge were removed

Whip that hair!

Close up view of the Carthay Circle Theatre

The old Zephyr train that was parked in front of the old Bur-bank Ice Cream and Baker's Field Bakery is being removed

The walls seem to be closing in on us

A shot of the time lapse camera mounted on the Condor Flats signs

Very very soon this pathway will be open for Guests to go through

Mickey's Fun Wheel

Looking at Cars Land construction


Construction work over at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Looking at the Carthay Circle Theatre from Mickey's Fun Wheel

Cozy Cone's  One can see Francis Lady Bug Boogie vehicles in the background

Luigi's Flying Tires

Some scaffolding on the backside of the rock work

Close up shot of it

Another shot of Mater's

Flo's V8 Cafe looks more like a UFO at the moment

I wonder if that "japan flag" means anything

The Green Army Men seems to have gotten a darker color.  Their little jeep vehicle seems to have gotten a paint job too.

Crane work over at Mater's

So many poles here in Mater's

And another sort of structure is being built

Flo's UFO

Pump House

Construction work of Mater's

Francis Lady Bug Boogie tends to go down for "refurbishment" alot

What kind of sign is this? There should be a sign with Flik in a hard hat letting us know that this attraction is down and for us to enjoy other attractions in "a bug's land"

Another view of the Zephyr train that is being dismantled.  It will eventually be taken to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum

Looking at the Carthay Circle Theatre as we head out of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot

The Carthay Circle Theatre has a time lapse camera aimed towards the construction work that will take place around the entrance to Park

Exposed Monorail beam!

Another look at the bridge as we exit and head to Disneyland

Fin like structures have been.  It resembles the fins on the new entrance to Disney California Adventure


Riding the Monorail...

Looks like a majority of the bricks have been laid into the Red Car Trolley tracks

Construction work being done in front of the old Engin Ear Toys

Won't this view be great once the ugly Disneyland Resort Memories and You centerpiece is gone and Buena Vista Street is complete

With the Blue and Orange Monorail in operation, wait times for the ride were minimal :)

Tarzan Treehouse down for refurbishment.

Roof work at Tarzan's

As I snapped some pictures, I was amazed at how many kids were upset that this was closed.

Heading out...

Another look at those fin like structures

I hope you enjoyed today's pictorial
Thank you for stopping by and for your patience

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  1. another brilliant update, thank you! Mickey's Fun Wheel is super popular during this construction haha.

  2. Great update Mint! I zoomed in on the 'japan flag' and noticed its just a white flange piece with a another almost square protrusion that's painted red. Its looks like a heavy duty mounting stub for a sign or something else very large. In the distance it certainly does look like the imperial rising sun flag.

  3. I zoomed in on it too. My guess is that it's the end of a pipe wrapped in something to keep the shotcrete from entering the pipe. Might eventually be the location of a pipe connection to attach fire hoses to?