Friday, January 25, 2013

Rain, Closures, and Light Crowds

Looking at the weather app for today, there was only certain times where there wouldn't be rain.  So I had to plan around that window of time which was good since it wasn't suppose to rain between 9 am - 12 pm, the time I am mostly there.

Once I got past all the NAMM people on Harbor Blvd, I finally make it to the Disneyland Resort

It's just a little after park opening and very light crowds

Five and Dime were being chauffeured around Bunea Vista Street and Hollywood Blvd.  With the recent rain earlier, they didn't get out of their car to perform

Condor Flats is pretty empty

Grizzly River Rapids under refurbishment

A posting of a 5 minute wait?!

The queue for Radiator Springs Racers seems pretty empty

40 minute wait

Over at Fillmore's, beads have finally returned

The side closest to the queue at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree just had a resurface done and now they are in the process of getting the tractor and trailers back

Kind of difficult to see from the recent rain, but there is a new surface coating on it

Normally Radiator Springs Racers FastPass tend to conclude for the day within the first hour or two of park opening.  But not today.  A little over an hour after park opening, there is still plenty of tickets still available

Officer Blue talking to a Guest

Oh My Gosh! This seat is wet!

If I act casual, hopefully nobody saw that

The car that was parked outside of Oswald's Gas Station is missing at the moment

Disneyland Time

Fantasy Faire construction

With the recent addition of trees around the perimeter of Fantasy Faire, it can be a challenge on getting shots

Taken last night

Two shades of pinks for the Castle spires

The giant crane in Frontierland

Liver Lips McGrowl and Wendell near Big Thunder Rance

Disneyland's mini version of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom #LimitedTimeMagic "Long Lost Friends"

Liver Lips and Wendell were upstaged once Woody came walking by

The platform was spinning.  Maybe seeing if they would be able to open since the rain had stopped at that time

The 11:00 am showing is a go!

On the left side of the Fantasmic! stage, another pit has been dug and drained

Which sign am I suppose to read?  There are so many of them

Not until I saw this picture at home did I realize that there is now a design along the frame of the control booth

Over at Autopia, it looks like the steering wheels now have a ring cover over the gaps of the steering wheels

I wonder if someone had their arm in there and got injured from the wheel

I love how it states "To Ride Alone"

Heading out

Stopping inside the Emporium. Loving these magnets

Hmm.. which ones should I buy

iPhone users are lucky as they get cool designs for their phone covers

These are the magnets I ended up buying

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out

Until Next Time...