Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update: June 24th at the Disneyland Resort

A little after 12pm, my friend and I parked in the "Palumba" lot ( that is what someone on the shuttle bus called it ). And we made it just in time, because we were the second to last car before they had closed the lot off.  

Getting off the Pumba shuttle bus, we come across these

New World of Color signage at the bag check tents

Heading into California Adventure.  Guests seem to now enter on the far right side, while Guests exiting on the left side. Normally they would enter on the C-A-L-I side and exit on the F-O-R-N-I-A side.  I noticed it was like this last week, but didn't get a shot of it. 

The Aladdin show times have been adjusted earlier

The Resort Times Guide stating about the new Sign Language interpretation available 

Heading to see how Fast Pass's look for World of Color.  Because it was rather warm today, a lot of people were heading towards Grizzly

Which line is for Grizzly and which one is for World of Color Fast Pass

Tickets for 11:15 showing were being distributed. This was around 1:00pm

The Paradise Park interactive fountain was on

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

"I'm sayin' you'll be playing. Yes I am. With Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Rex and Hamm..."
"What kind of music scares Bo Peep's balloon animals?"

It has been about a month already, and Mr. Potato Head is still referencing Bo Peep who is no longer part of the Midway Mania playset.

And yes, Bo Peep's picture can still be found on the side panels on some of the vehicles

Three cranes all in Cars Land

Three cranes are in there now

Can't have a rave without a "roach coach"

At night, I seem to recall one of them selling light up items

A new display window in the Animation Building Character Close Up wing

A promotion window for Tangled


The Celebration Envelop is missing. Is it gone for good? Or is it just temporary?

Even the upside down celebration hats with flowers are gone

Tomorrowland Terrace open for business

Driving around, saw this Mickey

That is it for now
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