Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two New Numbers

Two more musical numbers appeared recently to Pixie Hollow at the Disneyland Resort. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Celebrate ... Book Ends!

Whoa! What is this peaking out of the Small World Gates?

Why, it is a new begining "float" for Celebrate! A Street Party

Of course there is also a back end included

Pluto spins towards the end of the celebration

Off With His Head!

The new store that took the former Club Libby Lu

Le Chat

So I guess the sign will be a tribute to the former spot of the Lucky Fortune Cookery

Some construction shots

Off With His Head!

Soon Anaheim's largest Orange peel will be no more

Time to head over to Disneyland

The UP house has taken flight.  I really enjoyed seeing it in the Main Entry Plaza. It was a great photo op.  I think Chicken Little lasted longer than the UP house, which is a shame

Please don't feed the turkey popcorn

3 posters for one movie? Come on!

Mickey Monsters. How cute! 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Magical, Small World Style

Since I have seen Disneyland's newest firework spectacular, Magical near Sleeping Beauty Castle, it was time to go check out Small World to see if anything is done on the facade. 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Time! Summer Time! Sum-Sum-Summer Time. Here at Disneyland

It was a really nice day today to visit the Disneyland Resort!

Pay no attention to the new ads behind the Tram. They will be unveiled when everything is working right

Old Concina Cucamunga restaurant with a wall in place. Soon to be the new Lucky Fortune Cookery opening in September

The new restaurant is now open with happy Cast Members that will serve anyone who comes

Seems to be quite popular

This is where the fortune cookie machine used to be

The area can't be complete without the Mariachis!

Here are some construction photos

For those who are into blue prints

Gas lines (??)

Midway Mania just celebrated it's "Year One"

This machine looks almost like Mr. Szalinski's shrinking machine

Apparently some from WDI came out to the Orange Stinger to test the heat of the seats. With no Orange peel, the new S.S. Swings will be exposed the elements

Some clearing next to Little Mermaid

Supposedly in the next two or three years, Soarin' Over California will be all digital

That's about it for Disney's California Adventure. I think I will now take a hang glider ride over to Disneyland

What? Fantasyland rides still close for Magical!

Astro Orbitor.  I was hoping the planets would move again

First the Dragon is not working, Dumbo did not fly on Magical's premiere, and now the water fountain in Pixie Hollow's pond is not working

A pumpkin (?)

Gonna go through the walkway and check out the ball park

Whoa! Tree's are now in place

If they were to just put the small plants in the dirt, and take down the wall, then it would resemble the grounds on opening day of Disneyland

Big Thunder BBQ was actually busy

Went on the Mark Twain to rest a bit

Work being done over at the Hungry Bear restaurant

I miss the back scratching bear. This leopard print does not camouflage the tree very well

These balloons look crystal clear.  I am sure just like this Cast Member; I am about ready to go home