Friday, December 28, 2012

In and Out Before The Crowds Hit The Disneyland Resort

On my weekly visit to the Disneyland Resort, I knew I would have to be there bright and early because between Christmas and New Years, it is always more crowded.

Left my place around 7:30 am

It's just about 8 am and the crowds are light to get into Disney California Adventure.

Same with Disneyland.  But unlike my usual visit to Disney California Adventure first, I decided to go into Disneyland.  With it being busy and Disneyland closing gates temporarily yesterday, I didn't want to get caught up into that mid-day.

Getting inside Disneyland, the crowd wasn't too bad

Looking back at the light crowds coming in

Disneyland Cast Members line the street with Mickey gloves, waving to Guests

Princess Fantasy Faire

Getting ready for New Years Eve celebration

The Guest with Disabilities queue to get on Peter Pan's Flight

And Mr. Toad's Wild Ride with less than a 5 min wait

ToonTown hasn't opened yet for the day

"it's a small world" Holiday queue set up for heavy crowds

Small stage at the Small World Mall


With Big Thunder Mountain's refurbishment taking place, on the weekdays between Jan 7 - Apr 4 , 2013 The Big Thunder Trail will be closed.

This plane was flying high above Disneyland

Big Thunder train ready to come out from storage

More Princess Fantasy Faire.  This time with more sun light

Now the crowds are showing up

Seems like a lot of people like to walk right up to Walt

Lightning McQueen antenna topper

How cute! I may need to get me one of these

And maybe a set of these

And maybe one of these ... on second thought, nah, I wouldn't use it

Looking at those who are entering Disneyland as I head out

Still doesn't look too bad getting inside

Maybe cause at this time, more people are wanting to get inside Disney California Adventure


Santa has left the building!

A line up for Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe.  Probably for the Starbucks. ha ha

Soarin' Over California with a 50 min wait

Books from Grizzly River Run's queue

Love this old rotary phone.   I remember using a pencil sharpener like this one when I was in grade school

Watch out! Student Pilots in the air

You know it's busy when Disney California Adventure has only been open for 2 hours (opened at 8am), and this is the line for Radiator Springs Racers

It travels up and down the road

With the extra portion of queue being used, the attraction has a posting of a 3 hour wait

The Single Rider queue on the left.  Cast Members were estimating the Single Rider line to be about 60 min

People just keep coming in Cars Land

The sit and wait for the ride to start up at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Once it gets going, it seems that most are having a lot of fun on the ride

Oh my gosh! Look at the crowd

Nothing but people! ha ha

The curb in front of Carthay Circle Restaurant has been painted white to let you know that there is indeed a curb there.  So watch your step!

The longest line I have seen for Prep and Landing Naughty vs Nice preview

Is Molly's bike in the shop? Cause she's walking. ha ha I guess when it deems to be too crowded, she walks instead of riding her bike along Buena Vista Street.

Don't they make a cute couple ;)

Crowds pouring into Disney California Adventure

A poster ad for "The View" on ABC

This poster of Bridgit Mendler reminds me of Britney Spears

Didn't feel like walking all the way back home, so I took the Toy Story Parking Lot shuttle back to the Toy Story Parking Lot since it's half way home

This is the line to get on a Toy Story Parking Lot shuttle. Doesn't look too bad...

But upon closer inspection, it is an actual queue with switchbacks.  I think I couldn't three on the outside before going into the covered area

And it travels all the way down here!  Just looking at this should really tell you how busy it is... and it isn't even Noon yet!

People keep coming

Warning signs

It would probably be faster to walk to the Disneyland Resort than to take a shuttle. ha ha

Well that will conclude today's pictorial
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