Thursday, March 31, 2011

Great Things Are Happening

What a bright, warm, sunny day today for the Disneyland Resort.

Waiting to get through Bag Check. About 3 minutes after waiting in line, the farthest tent on the left opened up. So many people rushed over to that one.

Work continues on the new Main Entrance to Disney California Adventure

A giant crane looms in the distance

Soon to be the Carthay Circle Theater. Did you notice that the ElecTRONica stage has been moved. We will see it a bit later

Rotunda painting being done for the Little Mermaid attraction

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

The trellises have some vines growing on them

Looking over at Goofy's Sky School water tower

The frame on top has been painted green

Some nice rock work and small fencing aligning the newly planted trees over at the Paradise Pier Park

Looking at Paradise Garden Grill and Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta

Cars Land construction work

The crane can be seen almost anywhere in the Park

Can see some of the colors being painted over at the rotunda of the Little Mermaid attraction

A new arch way has been erected

The walls here should come down by tomorrow, April 1st.

Looking at the Little Mermaid attraction from across the bay at the shaded area

Cool! Buzz Lightyear greeting Guests. I hope he gets to stay in the area with Woody and Jessie. There have been a number of times when I am standing in this area and Guests question about where they can find Buzz Lightyear.

Over at the Paradise Pier gazebo, the trees have some lights wrapped around them

Looking at the Little Mermaid building from Ariel's Grotto restaurant.

Trees have been placed along the attraction building

They stretch all along the building now

Another look at the archway

Ha ha. I guess the Cast had to take matters in their own hands and created an "exit" out of tape until one can be painted back on

The beer shack

Looking at the row of trees, I wonder if this is why the Little Mermaid building looked a little plain with no details on the walls. The trees would have covered them up and then no one could have easily seen them.

Underneath the rotunda, some green has appeared

Look like decorated support arms underneath the rotunda have been added

The raft has a whiter area than before. I wonder if they are eventually going to paint something there.

Soon the Carthay Circle Theater will be hiding the Tower of Terror

Too bad the face painting couldn't have been Tron inspired.

The ElecTRONica stage has now been moved between Off the Page and Disney Theater

The neon on the Disney Theater was on

That one section of neon is bugging me. I thought it would have been fixed by the time Disney Junior Live on Stage debuted

Why must Disney try to be hip?

When my friend and I were over by Tower of Terror, we noticed sky writing taking place... again.  About a couple of weeks ago, some sky writing was seen above the Disneyland Resort stating to "Ride Spiderman". By the time we got out of the Greetings store, we noticed that the word spelled "Thank, which eventually became "THANKS"

Time to head over to Disneyland

One last time looking back at the construction work for Carthay Circle Theater

After stepping through the gates, noticed these signs.  Apparently some filming was also taking place at Disney California Adventure on 3/30/11

The scaffolding has been taken down from Star Tours's facade

Different shades of blue as its color palate

No more of that copper color here

JES? who's Jes?

Oh, Jesus.  "THANKS JESUS"

Exiting Innoventions and the bottom was rotating again.
It seems like everything is backwards at Innoventions.
One enters through the "exit" ramp and proceeds up to the top level. And then to exit, you go downstairs and have to wait for the doors to open.
I saw a lot of Guests just wondering around the outer ring trying to find the exit. The Innoventions Cast Members were doing one of those presentations, but 2 people were watching it and 3 kids were taking part in the demonstration.
It all seemed so weird. At least it was air conditioned

Aw... a heart.

Practically no indication that this was the entrance.  Just looks like a slice of Swiss Cheese now.

Over in Critter Country, Splash Mountain is still in refurbishment mode

Some new patches of grass were placed down

On a hot day like today, this would have been THE ride to get on

Heading out and looking across the Main Entrance Plaza

Even from the Toy Story Parking Lot, the crane can be seen.

That will do it for today's pictorial.
Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. I really appreciate it. :)

Until next time...