Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last slow Thursday for a while....

This will probably be the last slow Thursday at the Parks. Next week the parks are open till 10, 11 or midnight with fireworks at Disneyland every night through April.  Looks like a very long Spring Break period ahead.

While waiting for my friend, I took a picture of the back side of Cars Land from my window

Finally at the Disneyland Resort

Uh-oh, looks like the "n" is stuck and won't rotate like the others

The new entrance to Disney California Adventure coming along

Once inside, taking a look back

As much as I like the whole ElecTRONica, I am starting to tire of seeing this stage

While heading to Paradise Pier, some walls have appeared on the right side of the parade route

It's like a maze

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure building

The shell on the backside of King Triton has returned

The scaffolding in front of the arch has been removed

As much as I am looking forward to this attraction, the facade is looking really good

Duffy still tucked away in his corner

Looking at the Little Mermaid attraction building from across the bay

While heading to Mickey's Fun Wheel, I noticed that Toy Story Midway Mania was not operating. Instantly I knew with that closed "temporarily", that most everyone with small kids will head to Mickey's Fun Wheel.

Mickey's Fun Wheel's queue wasn't that long, but the Cast Members were still placing small parties with other small parties. Because my friend and I were placed in a gondola with others, we were sitting on the Cars Land side.

I want to apologize for the pictures of the new Paradise Pier Grill (or whatever it is called) and the surrounding area because those shots are not the greatest.

Silly Symphony Swings down for a paint job

Cars Land construction

Looks the some real trees have been planted near that curvy track section

Looking at the Little Mermaid attraction

The swings enclosed in plastic to protect them from the paint

One good shot

Looks like a jungle down there with all it's lushness

Sailor Mickey

Work being done on the water tower marquee at Goofy's Sky School

Taking a ride on the Golden Zephyr

Looks like some wave patterns underneath the seashell

Popcorn lights

More popcorn lights and the seashells have all been painted

Some screw hooks have been placed along the arch. Will something else be placed here in the vacant spot?

You know what you can find over here?

You can find S.A.R.A. over here.  What's a S.A.R.A.? Why that's a Service Animal Relief Area

What is that thing that has been placed on top of Stage 15?

Oh the Radio Antenna

Side view

My friend told me how it looks small. But I told him maybe it's suppose to be a force prospective thing.
I can't wait to see the Disney Theater marquee.

Looking at the construction of the new entrance of Disney California Adventure as I leave to go to Disneyland

Star Tours The Construction Continues...

Redone landscaping here where the walls were last week

Walls blocking the walkway to Tomorrowland Terrace

Looks like a flying saucer has landed once again in Tomorrowland. Maybe it should beam up the Disney Vacation Club kiosk.

A closer look at the U.F.O.

Pavement work now being done on the side next to the Star Trader

Riding the Monorail to get a view of the construction taking place in front of Disney California Adventure

The Heraldy Shop looks nice and new

As I am ready to go home now, I remembered that I have to go check out Critter Country.

Splash Mountain still in rehab

It was so quiet over here

The ground cover looking green

In the Winnie the Pooh attraction queue, I know there used to be grass here. Don't know if it has been gone for a long time or this is the first time it has been absent from the planters

A new sign for the Restrooms at the Hungry Bear Restaraunt

New Orleans Square back to normal after Mardi Gras

Well...almost normal...

Some of the strobes for Remember..Dreams Come True fireworks were missing

One is still on this lighting tower

One missing on this tower..

Stopped inside the Candy Palace to check something out and these boxes caught my eye. I hardly ever come in here, but are these new box designs?

Just leaving Disneyland to quickly check out the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney

Seriously ? !  A turkey leg shirt?

I thought this was kind of cool and funny at the same time

Disney merchandising trying to be hip

The new redesigned area makes this look bigger and more inviting

That will do it for today's pictorial
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