Thursday, March 24, 2011

Loads of People Amidst Construction

For today's pictorial, we will have to go back. Back in time to last night on March 23, 2011. It had just finished raining in the Anaheim area around 7:30pm, so I rushed over to Disney California Adventure to see if the new Disney Theater was lit up.

The Disney Theater was not fully lit up. Not sure if the rain had anything to do with it or if the lights were just turned off on purpose

The popcorn lights above the entrance door changes colors periodically

I will have to see how it looks at night with the neon lights on once the theater officially opens for Guests

I woke up late today and made my way to the Disneyland Resort.
The Toy Story Parking Lot shuttles had a long line to get on.  From the minute I parked my car to the time I got the the Bag Check tents, it had taken 29 minutes. Oh my gosh! It probably would have taken less time to walk there

Finally get through the Bag Check and the line to enter Disney California Adventure didn't look too bad. Also frame work for one of the spires of the new entrance can be seen

Once inside, looking back

Work continues on the rotunda of the Little Mermaid attraction

Toy Story Midway Mania was having technical difficulties this morning, so with the heavy crowds in the area, most of them seem to have gone to Mickey's Fun Wheel.  I didn't get a picture of the entrance to show the times, but at 10:40am, non swinging had a 30 minute posting and swinging had a 45 minute posting.

It only took 20 minutes, but because of the heavy crowds, all small parties were being put together. When I got into the Gondola, I ended up sitting on the Restaurant side so I wasn't able to get good shots of Cars Land construction.

Water tower for Goofy's Sky School

Paradise Pier restaurant construction work

Some trees have been places along the left side of the Little Mermaid building.  We will check those out more in a bit

Just a few shots of Cars Land that was able to get.

Isn't this suppose to open up on March 25?

New little terrace coverings. Not sure the exact name of them..

The orange support columns have now been colored gray

Gonna go check out the weeping willow trees in front of the Little Mermaid building

Aw... just like in the movie.

Checking out construction work taking place between the Little Mermaid building and Goofy's Sky School

Bayside Brews has gone verticle

The park keeps getting lusher and lusher with trees

Construction work on Bayside Brews

Looking at these trees, are the permanent in their location? Or are they just being held there in that area for the moment until it is ready to place them in their permanent spot? There were a couple groups of 2 trees sitting next to each other. Maybe some of these trees will eventually go on both sides of the arch facade

Looking back towards the water tower

Watching the crew paint

Oh man, the tree on the left looks like it is dying :(

Another change at Grizzly River Run!  The bears oar is now "wooden" instead of the yellow fiberglass looking paddles and blue handle

Looking at the construction where the Carthay Theater is going to be

So I was going to head back to Mickey's Fun Wheel to see how the lines were for the gondolas.  There were just so many people in the area. And it didn't help that Toy Story Midway Mania was STILL DOWN. Time was 11:30am. Mickey's Fun Wheel wait times were now 50 minutes for non-swinging and 60 minutes for swinging.  I will have to try to get to Disney California Adventure earlier next time.

A Mickey face

Checking out Cars Land from the Blue Sky Cellar patio

Looking at the Disney Theater in the day time

Can see the Cast Members in their new costumes

Some neon still needs to be placed

I think it is time to head to Disneyland

These one sided signs have replaced the old flipping signs at the turnstiles

- Disneyland -

The tarps on the Emporium and Crystal Arcade look nice with the graphics on them

The walls have been removed around the trees in front of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Looks like new railings with a brass on top have been installed.  Also looks like the planter is smaller?

The railings by the Lincoln theater used to look like these railing in Town Square

The lightning effect strobes have reappeared on the towers in the Hub.  Looks like a bigger strobe inside

Star Tours construction work

Innoventions was using the exit ramp as an entrance

As I walk in, two posters remind me of the latest Disney features coming out soon. One being Cars 2 and the other for the 4th Pirates movie.

Speaking of Pirates...

Tomorrow is the first day of the new preview area for the new Pirates movie

Construction taking place next to the Mark Twain station and it looks like new pavement can be seen

On the Mark Twain looking down at the construction taking place

Doritos? I thought they were getting rid of the name brand chips

Splash Mountain refurbishment work

A large crowd had gathered for what was first thought to be a character

But it was just for some new baby ducklings

It is just way too busy. It seems busier this week than last week.

That will do it for today's pictorial.
Thanks for stopping by and checking it out

Until next time...

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