Friday, May 28, 2010

Band Concert in the Park Today - Silly Symphony Swings

Based on the Mickey Mouse short “The Band Concert”, Silly Symphony Swings takes riders along on a concert ride in the sky.

walking towards the entrance

Maestro Mickey stands on top as he conducts the orchestra. Playing “William Tell Overture”, a twister is conjured up and interrupts the concert and sends riders around and around, all the while Mickey is to busy conducting to notice anything wrong.

As the twister raises up the Guests, they can see the band members in the center of the cyclone. Looking up, Guests can see lightning, but no need to fear as the storm will pass and everyone lands safely back to the ground.

Cast of Characters:
Mickey Mouse - Conductor
Donald Duck - Flute Player
"Licorice Stick"*- Clarinet Player
Horace Horsecollar - Drum Player
Clara Cow - Piccolo Player
Peter Pig - Tuba Player
Extra - Trombone Player
Extra - Trumpet Player

*In the animators draft, who appears to be Goofy is just labeled as Licorice Stick Player

Two sections from the “William Tell Overture” are used for the attraction and the music alternates between each cycle. One cycle will feature “Storm” and the other will feature “Finale”.

It is funny to note that even though the attraction is titled Silly Symphony Swings, “The Band Concert” was never a Silly Symphony cartoon.

Taking a ride on Silly Symphony Swings, Day time

A look around the area:

The queue only goes behind the staircase before heading back out

The rest of the area will be used as a walkway during the Parade times and possibly for World of Color

Looking at the "conductor stand", another nice little detail 

Night Shots

One week later, the lightning effect can now be seen

The Mickey short can be found on Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just An Ordinary Day

Today, my friend and I got an early start to head to the resort. Left our place around 10:30am and decided to try and see if the Pumba parking lot would be open. I have gotten a bit spoiled with the convenience of the Toy Story lot. When I saw the Pumba lot still closed, I was dreading having to deal with Mickey and Friends parking structure.

I decided to take my chances to see if the entrance off of Magic Way was open, and as I was driving up and over, pass the parking structure, one can easily the tram stop it was.  And it was looking quite busy! The Magic Way entrance was open and there weren't that many cars using it. As I was driving into the parking structure, the RT&P were directing all cars on the top level. Ugh!

30 minutes after leaving home, we arrived at the Disneyland Resort. First stop...Disney's California Adventure

More steel 

Imagine how this will look when chicken wire gets installed

Benches are now in the lower level of the Swings structure

Another sign installed, this time facing where the extended queue will be

A musical note as the height marker

Looking at entrance

Another view of the musical note

Information sign for the single seat

Information sign for the tandem seats

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

The attractions console themed nicely

With the Chernabog tower not being used, will the projected Chernabog still be projected on to the mist screen by this projector? It may be a bit too high, since it was probably positioned with the height on the tower

The lenticular panels removed 

Some more shaping at the Little Mermaid attraction

The geysers are functioning once again, and getting Guests wet!


I will be doing a pictorial of this for tomorrow 5/28. That way this pictorial isn't so long

I thought this was a line for Lincoln, then I noticed Mickey and Minnie were out front

Main Street with its patriotic bunting

Taking a ride on the Mark Twain

Splash Mountain's final drop run off

Taking a look at the animals at eye level view

This horse kept running in circles. I think they are "trapped" in this small area for our enjoyment

BTR gets patriotic 

Snow White opened up and it doesn't look like anything cosmetically changed

Happy Birthday Space Mountain!
33 years old today!

Are these new LED lights for Grad Nite? Are they for Magical?

They are pointing toward the Castle

Jewel of Orleans was still closed today

Tarps are down from Cafe Orleans

-For your shopping convenience-


Does this mean that the tram is now reduced capacity? ha ha

Well that's it for this pictorial
Thanks for looking

Until next time