Thursday, July 28, 2011

Construction Still Talking Place

From the continuing construction at Disneyland California Adventure to the routine refurbishment at Disneyland, work never stops at the Disneyland Resort

About to walk into Disney California Adventure

Looking towards the temporary entry way once major work starts for Buena Vista Street

Just an ordinary bridge now.  No longer "Golden"

Going under the bridge

Carthay Circle Theatre work continues

The tarps from the sign have reveal a touched up Condor Flats

Once Bakersfield Bakery and Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream close, Taste Pilots Grill will be serving breakfast for Guests

Package Pick Up will also be moved to Fly-N-By in Condor Flats

Looking towards the area that will soon be a temporary passage way while work takes place for Buena Vista Street

With it still being a little cool, no one was in a hurry to play in the water fountain

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Looking at the interactive fountain

Cars Land construction

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

The topper of the rock formation around Radiator Springs Racers is starting to take shape

Another look at the rock formation topper

Laying down on the job, eh!

Putting up the mesh frame that will be laid on either side of Racers race track

First laying over at Mater's and now sitting taking place over at Radiator Springs Curios

The Paradise Pier Restaurants still getting lights installed throughout.  This time, the awnings got their light treatment

Goofy over at his attraction.  They should be Aviator Goofy here instead of Vacation Goofy

Over at California Screamin', more track has been painted blue.  This time the section of track between the Screamin' station and Screamin's launch

Looking at the rock formation topper from Blue Sky Cellar patio

Flik looking towards the construction of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Manny has found his place in "a bug's land".  He can be found as you enter the land over by Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Ms. Mary walking through

A wall has extended out towards the entrance to Disney Jr. Live

Heading out

Walls around the base of the bridge

-Disneyland Monorail -

Taking a look at the work being done with and around Carthay Circle Theatre

It's nice not to worry about cables from the Golden Gate Bridge being in the way of the picture(s)

Over at Downtown Disney Monorail Station.  With one train in operation, wouldn't it be easier and faster to just walk to the front gate.  I think I overheard a Monorail Cast Member tell one of the Ticket Cast Members that it is a 30 minute wait. Walking would take about 10 minutes, if that!

Because no one left the Monorail cabin my friend and I were in, I could only get a picture of Disney California Adventure's entrance by turning around in my seat

Matterhorn refurbishment

Characters on the firetruck heading towards Town Square Main Street U.S.A.

We're walking right down the middle of Main Street USA with Mickey

Mickey and the Band stopped at the cross roads of Main Street and Center Street to perform

Before heading out, taking another look at the soon-to-be temporary entrance to Disney California Adventure and some strands of lights strung across the pathway

That will conclude this pictorial of the Disneyland Resort
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