Friday, July 1, 2011

Lush New Paradise Pier Garden Restaurants

Today I had the chance to make it down to Disney California Adventure to check out the new Paradise Garden Grill and Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta restaurants.

At times it didn't even feel like I was in Disney California Adventure. I am loving the restaurant area. The only down side that I can see is when it rains. There is no indoor restaurant seating. And the covered areas are all towards the front, which means food may get wet when trying to get to a dry area. I wonder if it will be a major problem.

Walking into the new patio section of the restaurants

Looking at the shaded seating area

Looks comfortable

And there is the exit to Goofy's Sky School. It just doesn't belong in the newly furnished patio. If only there were able to dress it up to match in some way

Looking inside what used to be P.T. Fleas Market.  Now the structure sits near the restrooms and Paradise Garden Grill. It has yet to be furnished

Looking at the chandelier

And small fans

From the structure, looking back towards the entrance to the patio

Lights hanging from the trees

The lush area hides most of Silly Symphony Swings and some of Mickey's Fun Wheel

There was a performance taking place at the stage


The activity taking place outside the patio section

More patio section

Jumpin' Jellyfish attraction is almost hidden as well

Even with the walls down, it's pretty much almost impossible to get a clear shot of the restaurant title ha ha

Stepping inside

Looking out

To the immediate right of the entrance

To the immediate left

So that's where the idea of the arches came from!

From the Pasta section looking towards Salads

Do you know what I wished for?  I wished that my little Pinocchio might be a real boy

Looking from Salads towards Pasta

Looking at some of the art hanging up

Bathing Girl Paradise Pier, Ca

Newspaper clipping about the Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta food and history

Another newspaper clipping

Taken at Paradise Pier Beach on March 27, 1917

After exiting Pizza and Pasta

Looking in towards Pizza and Pasta from the Parade Gates

Found a table to sit and eat

Lovely atmosphere entertainment

And then look who walks by!  President of Disneyland Resort... George K

The Paradise Pier Hotel behind the newly themed restaurants

Close up on the new restaurant building and the Paradise Pier hotel behind it

Da Plane!

Crazy planes

I don't know if I would want to see any Cast Member enter or exit this while I am ordering

And now some evening shots of the Paradise Pier Restaurants.  It has been known that the area was behind schedule and so some of the lighting isn't completed as of these pictures.  But I am sure within time, the lighting will be complete

Until next time...

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