Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting It Done

Lately I haven't been satisfied with the early morning Toy Story Parking Lot Shuttles and how it has been conducted.  At times it seems like it takes forever.  That is why my friend and I have been walking to the Resort a lot. Plus it doesn't hurt when the weather has been very cooperative.  This morning there was a heavy mist coming down!

I just wish they would get rid of this thing

Still in the possessive

A big Buzz Lightyear World of Color graphic on a bus.  I don't think I have ever seen this before.

Finally to the Resort

Getting ready for tomorrows opening of the new entry turnstiles. The graphics that showed many of the Disney characters from the 20's-30's have been taken off the wall

Once inside Disney California Adventure, looking at the "pump house" building

Carthay Circle Theatre all tarped up

Tarps covering the area where the Condor Flats sign resides

A little after 10:00am and not many people in Disney California Adventure.  The Little Mermaid attraction is pretty much a walk on. Of course, it won't take long for that to change.

-Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree shack starting to take shape

Cars Land construction

The courthouse for Radiator Springs Racers is taking shape

Some of the people making this all possible

Looks like this archway is complete with all the lights in place

Lights on the condiment station

Still waiting for the lights on this one

Once again, the old P.T. Fleas structure that was moved to the seating are of the Paradise Pier restaurants is empty

Today's entertainment at the Paradise Pier restaurants

Riding the Little Mermaid and the "Under the Sea" segment did seem a bit darker than the first time I rode it

Some work had been done on the parade route by the winery

Another view of the shack

On this piece of concept art, it appears as though the shack will house Mater.

Looking at some of the steel of the Carthay Circle Theater behind the trees

Another view of the "pump house"

Slim pretty much in his spot at the entrance to "a bug's land"

Francis is now taking residence in "a bug's land" too.  I take it that the characters from "A Bug's Life" that were in the farm area will be finding a permanent home inside "a bug's land"

The guide maps in different languages have been updated with the Little Mermaid on the cover.

About to head out to Disneyland

Security cameras placed underneath Disney California Adventure's marquee

I just wish they would take the Memories marquee.  It doesn't make this picture look any pretty

- Monorail -

More Red Car Trolley track placement on the right side of the fountain

One train operation leads to a long line

I don't know if I would want to wait in this line

Matterhorn refurbishment taking place

Disneyland's guide maps in different languages

Heading home and taking another look at the entrance to Disney California Adventure

Poster for Pixar • Disney's "Brave"

That will do it for today's pictorial
Thanks for taking the time and patience to stop by and take a look :)

Until next time...


  1. Thanks for the great photo update, MintCrocodile! Buena Vista St. is really coming along.

  2. amazing pictures yet again. love the site layout with the large imagines too. thank you for a great update!

  3. Mint, another great update. I think my favorite picture was of Carthay Circle and the fountain. It's one of the best I've seen. Thanks!

  4. I hear the new gates will be opening at DCA tomorrow. Are you covering that, Mint?

  5. You made a mistake by calling it parade pier, instead of paradise pier.Thank you for the update.

  6. Thank you for your comments

    Anonymous #2 - Yes, will be covering it. Check out

    Anonymous #3 - Thanks for pointing that out. :) Made the correction.