Thursday, July 30, 2009

Orange A-Pealing

I want to be surrounded by happy people. And one place I can do that is at the Disneyland Resort

It looks like the trams can now travel down the new paved portion of road

Palace of the Fine Arts with Mulholland Madness in the back arch

Something looks different about this area

The mural, it is gone!

Work still going on

Talking to a Cast Member, it was mentioned that for a week, California Screamin' ran with 6 trains.  Of course, this wasn't the first time they had "tested" the attraction with 6 trains. The attraction did operate with 6 trains a while back during Spring Break.  The deal is that they wanted to see if the attraction can handle 6 trains again during high heat temperatures because with all the new entertainment coming, there could possibly be a surge of crowds coming through. 

What is that in the window?

Corn Dogs and Ice Cream. Yum!

Those working on World of Color

Detailed rocks. I remember when Nemo was getting detailed rocks. This is all so exciting!

The top potion of the orange peel is gone

Is this pile of rubble the Golden Dreams mural? The only thing that was salvaged from the mural was the star

Next to the blue door are the top pieces of the Orange Stinger

Looking across the way towards the Timon Lot

Looking down from the Fun Wheel

Mechanical piece of equipment behind the wall

More detailed rocks

A fence railing

Just the start of the new railing at the World of Color viewing area

Gone. All gone!

The trail behind Grizzly is now open

Heading over to Disneyland now

Ouch! This looks like an accident waiting to happen. And it's by the happiest cruise that ever sailed. I would hate to come off happy, trip, scrape my knee and be miserable the rest of the stay

Until October, no one can eat at the Princess Fantasy Fair

The vibrant purple canopy is back

Maybe it will pick up for the dinner rush

The island withouth the fencing

I may be mistaken, but it looks like the Columbia recieved a new flag

That's it for now. Thank you for looking :)