Thursday, July 16, 2009

Orange You Hot Yet?

It seems like a lot is happening today at the Resort, so let's go check it out. Hopefully we survive the heat

A red stripe 

Click Blue Sky Cellar for a look at what's new inside

Construction at the Golden Mermaid

Pictures of the lagoon

The Orange Stinger has scaffolding

Remember how there used to be benches here. Well, apparently they were removed due to the possibility of someone standing on them and falling over the railing

Different angle of the scaffolding

Riding on the Fun Wheel for these shots

So according to the Blue Sky Cellar, this cement formation is not for a fountain, but for a statue type of monument that one might find in a park

These wires are so in line, it's fascinating

New graphic art on the wall that surrounds the closed Stinger

No viewing of the parade(s) under the dome

Now it's time to go over to Disneyland, although not much is going on there

Set up for a commercial

Looks like they replaced the two confetti cannons in front of the hub facing the Castle

The magic shop with a little less magic

Anyone need a hand.. or two... or four ...or six?

To compensate the loss of Jack Sparrow, Disney gives you Mickey Sparrow

But before we head out....
And over at Astro Orbitor, it looks like the planets now rotate like they did in 1998, while the attraction is cycling. Hopefully one day it will be back to its old self and constantly rotate

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