Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun Fun Fun in the California Sun

Man, how long does it take to do this one project?
Going to California Adventure first to check out the continuous work
Construction at the Golden Mermaid
This isn't suppose to be a representation of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake
What is this brown thing? Looks like a ride on the sun wheel will tell us
Looks like the time laps camera has been moved
Construction still taking place.  Soon, this will be full of water. Of course, it shouldn't take as long as it did when they drained it.  They will fill it up little by little, making sure that everything is sealed tight 
The Orange Stinger with braces
Taking a ride on the Sun Wheel
Can see where the seats once were in the Golden Dreams theater

They sure cleared out those trees fast
The WoC Umbrella
Nice view of the Grizzley Bear
Offices for the Imagineers working on Cars Land and other projects 

That's about it for California Adventure, now time to head over to Disneyland
Work being done on the Art Bank
Working being done on Pinocchhhiiiiooooo
The canopy - Here today, Gone Tomorrow
Work being done over by Monsters Inc
A new elevator shaft at Autopia. Looks a lot better than the old one
What is this?!?
The sign is not three dimensional at the moment. Hopefully they are just refurbishing it.  Or better yet, making a new logo design. I never like this sign to begin with
BTR minus Woody, Jessie and Bullseye

And they're off! ... and so am I. 
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