Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky "Lite"

With Disneyland now doing the Fourth of July firework show over a 4-day period instead of just one day, I was able to catch the first day's showing.

Because there is a 99% chance that I won’t be able to make it to Disneyland on July 4th, I thought by going on July2, I was going to get the same kind of show everyone else would get on Independence day. Apparently I was mistaken. There are two versions for Celebrate America! July 2nd, 3rd, and 5th will have a 9 minute show while July 4th will have fireworks for 13 minutes. I am sure Disney’s plan was to have the show spread out over 4 days to help alleviate the crowds and congestion that typically come with July 4th show. But now, by having a “lite” version, I am betting there will still be high demands come July 4th because people will want to see a “full” show. Disney should have just done the same full show on all 4 days instead of having show A and show B 

. The “concert in the sky” was alright for a firework show, but I think I would have preferred watching Magical. 


  1. you're right, Magical does look and sound better

  2. I went last night and was not happy to find out that they weren't using Tinkerbell OR Dumbo in the patriotic version (I haven't seen Dumbo yet)....I would have rather seen Magical!