Thursday, July 9, 2009

I May Have Been Spotted

I just found out that I am heading to the Disneyland Resort.
See how excited I am!
Concrete work is taking place here. Maybe once they get this done, they will actually use this loading area
Judging by this "Greeting", one can probably guess which Park I entered first
A view of Concina Cucamonga on the side of the its new location
The coffee stand now resides in an area that had benches for Guests who wanted to sit and relax
Now it's time for the usual construction happening in and around the lagoon
"Hey Frank, this is my version of those not-so-scary pop up ghosts in the Haunted House ride"
Little Golden Mermaid construction
Cool stuff happening in the Timon Lot
Some more work at the entrance of Golden Mermaid

Looking "Jafar" at all the construction
I spot the construction workers restroom on the far right. The small building on the left, could that be the executives restroom?
Side view of the rocks!
Close up of some not-so-finished detail 
The trail behind Grizzly is closed to Guests due to work being done on the lift. Grizzly's operation will not be affected by this as it looks like work is only done when Disney's California Adventure is not open. This closure of the trail may take 3-6 weeks.
A close up of the building that is being erected

The new themed prizes at the Boardwalk Games. 

Time to head over to Disneyland now....
So it looks like the only one's who wear "skirts" are Snow White, The Queen/Witch …and maybe Dopey. But I don't see any skirts on the mine cars
Disney detail once again. Yes! This is on the light pole that gives the Haunted Mansion its ambient lighting at night

Some sign indicators
Walking in here, it was so bright. Did they redo the floor?
First Tokyo gave us Magical's theme song.  And it looks as though this design was inspired by Hong Kong's "it's a small world"...
.. and this shirt right here is from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. 
There is a test taking place at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure that is being conducted by an outside company, Emsense. Those doing the testing will be walking around the Disneyland Resort testing technological equipment that is worn like a headband, which measures brain wave signals. The information that is gathered is then sent to their computers. They will map out both Parks with GPS units, going through attractions, character meet-and-greets, shops, and anything else that the Parks have to offer. 

Looks like I have been spotted!
"Gosh, why must pictures be taken of us"
"I wonder which Disney site the pictures will wind up on"

That will conclude today's pictorial
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