Thursday, September 30, 2010

Construction Cruise Control

With some clouds coming in and the temperatures supposedly cooler as the week goes on, today could have been a nice day to visit Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure.

Sadly, it was not. Some clouds did come by, but not enough to block the sun. It was very hot and humid and because of that, my friend and I didn't stay very long

-Disney's California Adventure-

The west side murals received some tarps in preparations for their removal

A countdown to when elecTRONica arrives to Disney California Adventure's Sunshine Plaza and Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Some cool road signs appeared along the CarsLand construction walls to indicate to Guests where they can find pins and food

Walking past The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure

The Maliboomer without the bell ringer topper

P.T. Flea's building in now in place next to Mulholland Madness

Looking at Maliboomer

The tarp gate is now themed with the rest of the wall

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Looking out at the construction of CarsLand and The Little Mermaid attraction

It looks like all the teal on the track is being repainted with the new blue
Hopefully the teal along the fence will be repainted too!

The Ice Cream sign is now in place. Some people were worried that the rods from last weeks pictorial were gonna be exposed as they were. And that nothing was going to be done about them. But they came to conclusions a bit too early. I knew Disney would not allow those rods to be like that, and they pulled through!

ダッフィー !!

Looking at the elecTRONica setup 

Taking a stroll down Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Appears that the paint job is now completed

Over at the Ice Cold Refreshment corner, a TRON themed lounge is being set up

Looks like a place to get some cool Coke-a-Cola

And a place to sit and relax in the party atmosphere

Some merchandise in Greeting's


Not bad for a hot day

The outside facade for Tangle's meet and greet

Some of the "candy corn" colored flowers that were at Candy Corn Acres in Disney California Adventure last year

The turkey got its name tag back and some misters

Looks like setup for Mickey's Halloween Party. This may be a prop for the talking scarecrows

Walking out and along Harbor Blvd.