Thursday, May 31, 2012

Small Details Adding A Big Difference

What do we have in store with today's visit to the Disneyland Resort?
Let's take a look...

What I had to face at 10:15am

While waiting to get in, noticed some new lettering placed on Oswalds

And some new lights

Hot Dog! .. I mean Corn Dog!

New hot dog colored umbrellas for Corn Dog Castle.  They are nicely themed. Love it!

While on Mickey's Fun Wheel, taking a look towards the Cove Bar

Some of the themed signs on the wall

Radiator Springs Racers

Another look towards the Cove Bar signs

All is quite at the moment in Cars Land

The flag for Sarge's Surplus Hut has been placed

Some Mad T Party props

I thought someone was sending me Morse Code on the Fun Wheel cause I kept seeing flashing coming from the Cozy Cone Motel.  But upon closer look, it was the little cone wheel out front. The sunlight was bouncing off of it as it was rotating

Blue Sky

I love the signs in the Cove Bar

And I love the Cove Bar sign


Some filming going on today

Walls around Ghirardelli were down

It seems that Cast Members could go inside and check out the new place

Seating area outside

Quickly snapped a shot of the mural when the Cast Member quickly moved away from the door

Themed trash cans along Route 66

Floor signage for Cozy Cone Motel indicating where snacks can be found

Elias & Company lettering have been installed on the building

Some chains and poles which will eventually be used for the Red Car Trolley

Well will you look at that! The marquee for Carthay Circle Theatre..

Carthay Circle Theatre Restaurant

So many signs are appearing on Buena Vista Street!

Lights on the outside corner of FF&P Cafe and Clarabelle's Ice Cream

Water Whiz sign on the rooftop of Buena Vista Street shops

Elias & Co sign


Sign over by Hyperion Theater

Chained queue for Red Car Trolley

Warning signage for Red Car Trolley, which can be found at each of the three stops

Soon to be used for Radiator Springs Racers Fast Pass distribution

Buena Vista Street Fountain

A canopy for Clarebelle's Ice Cream

Soon to be queue area for Red Car Trolley

Clarabelle's Ice Cream

" Carthay Circle Theatre - Opening night ever night"

Over at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail...

.. we see that the Cast Members received new costumes with the Wilderness Explorer badge patch

California Limited... I wonder what sign this is for

Oh, a train! I love it!

Another sign above Buena Vista Street, for Tru Tone Radios.

Disneyland time,

Looking at Carnation Cafe

A new Carnation Cafe flat sign installed along the building

Are these fake trees?   Man, these fake trees look like the model trees you'd buy for a Christmas Town

Buena Vista Street from the Monorail

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Another view of Buena Vista Street from the Monorail

Batteries can be found at Oswald's

This little birdie was signing a song as I waited for the Monorail to depart the Downtown Disney station


Matterhorn loading area

Carnation Plaza Gardens slowly becoming Princess Fantasy Faire

Another look at Carnation Cafe

Another sign... hidden behind a tree. Ugh!


..Lubrication. All found at Oswald's

Sepulveda painted on

Los Feliz Five & Dime sign installed. Looks good!

Oh, so that's what the sign is for... "Ensure your Future - Licensed Insurance Agents and Brokers"

Some new fencing over by the trees

I guess that's what the white poles were for

The arrow has changed directions to pointed that the loading area for now is where the drop off is.  From what I was told, they are going to be placed more chained queue here like they did at the Toy Story Parking Lot loading/Unloading area

That will conclude today's pictorial

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did

Until Next Time...