Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oswald's, Some Sweets, and a Jamboree

So we see that this structure is a gas station

But I wonder who it belongs to...

Oh! it belongs to someone named Oswald as we see the name installed above its entrance

Little Mermaid was still closed for one more day while some enhancements take place

Now a look at Cars Land

Ramone's sign still getting some work done

Don't see any beach balls today

Banner flags have been placed above the finish line

One can see Heimlich and Rosie at the "a bug's land" / Cars Land entrance.  Also, it looks like the Radiator Springs Curios received some painted signs on the side of the building

The little cone lights are back. For a while they were gone

For some reason, at 10:15am, the non-swinging gondolas had a long line, but there was no wait for the swinging

And yet both signs out front stated "5" minute waits for each

Midway Mania did not open with the park and so many people just started to queue up, waiting

Looking over at Filmore's Taste-In, a tent like structure was seen next to the dome.

Normally I would go to the Blue Sky Patio and take some shots of Cars Land. But the Blue Sky Cellar had a delayed opening, and I was told it wasn't going to open up until mid afternoon. Not knowing exactly what time, I decided to just continue with my trek. Later on, before heading out of the Resort, I completely forgot to go back

Carthay Circle Theatre

On the side of the Cafe, we see a painted sign indicating the name of the place

The Condor Flats radar sign was ripped out recently

Here's all that's left...

Some lamps installed next to the doors

A new small railing along the balcony

The regular sign is back, but a bit damaged from storage apparently

Mad T Party setup progress

LED board

The food truck stripped of its Electronica wrap, looking pretty bad

Heimlich was moved over to the pathway from Cars Land to Fun Fair

New lights on top of the Monorail bridge

Putting the time lapse camera back up that was on the radar

Into Disneyland, they have the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree on the Times Guide

Checking out the newly remodeled Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor and the Candy Palace

A reconfigured Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor queue

Details are everywhere here

The floor.  The pink and white are what you see when you walk in and the pink and black is where the queue area is and forward towards the counter.

Embedded in the island are a couple of penny arcade machines

A window to watch them make the cones for the Ice Cream Parlor

Some of the penny arcade machines still exist

The Matterhorn bridge looks to be complete.  I think it came out nice

The bottom portion of the waterfall was on

The speakers got a new wrap

Some work on the Monorail ramp railings

Buena Vista Street as seen from the Monorail

Blue and Green sleds

The Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree.. Not much going on today.. Maybe more happens on the weekends

The cow from the Disney's California Adventure's old Farm section got a new home

The shooting gallery getting some work done

But don't worry, the pin store is still open for your $$$

The Plaza Gardens all walled up

Haunted Mansion paper clip holder in Disneyana

And for Orange Bird fans, one can get a Sunshine Tree Terrace Poster from the Print on Demand kiosk inside Disneyana

Oswald's lights

That will conclude today's pictorial

Thank you for stopping by and checking it out

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  1. Hi Mint. Thanx for update! Fine as allways. Could Yoy please check the pic of the front of entrance (from the monorail), the "big size" dosn't work on that one.

  2. I feared a decor change with the Candy Palace. The look and feel of it as it was brought some childhood memories and 'nostalgia' if you will. I am quite amazed at how good it looks. I can't wait to see it in person! I am impressed! The update to the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor is looks great too!
    Thanks for posting such great photos here.

  3. Wow! Ice cream parlor and candy store eye-popping goodness! Love that shot of the tile!