Friday, May 25, 2012

Buena Vista Street Fountain

Over night, more walls were removed at Buena Vista Street. This time to reveal the fountain found in front of Carthay Circle Theatre

Walking towards Carthay


Look at how roomie this is

It's magnificent!

Let's just look at the details of this "jewel"

Red Car Trolley warning signs have been placed at the various stops

A look at the ground reveals where poles will be place for the Red Car Trolley queue

Over by Tower of Terror, the Red Car Trolley station and its safety signage

The queue for the Hollywood Land stop for the Red Car Trolley


Claribelle's Ice Cream stained glass

Clarabelle's Ice Cream hosted by Dreyer's sign

Mmmm... candy

Just chains protect the plants from the Guests

And another detailed sign for Buena Vista Street

Now later that day, I go back to get some night shots...

Trying to see inside the Carthay Circle Theatre

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  1. The place looks amazing. Nice pictures as well. I appreciate the different angles/detail shots, etc.

  2. Love the fountain!

    So, are the four glass-like pyramids internally illuminated, or are they just reflecting/refracting light from other fountain lamps?