Friday, July 30, 2010

An Early Start On A Mid-Summer Day

Normally I go to Disneyland Resort on Thursdays. But I held off on going till today, Friday, to see if the Tower of Terror opened their Fast Pass distribution.

My friend and I had gotten an early start. So early, that we were there before California Adventure officially opened.  For my friend, that's early. Not so much for me though. Ha Ha

Heading to the rope drop by the Farm

After seeing the show one time, I unfortunately I have no desire to see it again. So I pass up this sign and its instructions

Waiting for the rope to be dropped

Taking a look at Cars Land

And they're off!  To Toy Story Midway Mania

While 98% of the Guests head over the bridge to ride Toy Story Midway Mania or California Screamin', we just head towards The Little Mermaid

Looking across to the line heading into Toy Story Midway Mania

Now looking back at Mermaid

No beer truck yet

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Another look at Toy Story Midway Mania line. From some of the Mania chain queue I could see, they hadn't opened all of it yet. It appeared they were filling it little by little

The new Screamin' costumes. I really like them. They are so much better than the old blue/yellow/white color scheme they had for 10 years. I think it makes the Cast Members look more professional

What's missing?  Oh yeah, those princess carts. They were moved across the street and they share the same place with the face painting (not pictured)

Tower of Terror with Red Car Trolley tracks installed

Tower of Terror Fast Pass reopened ahead of schedule

The new gates being worked on

Looking back 


A lot of people coming in

A lot of people already in

What is this line for? Did Star Tours reopen due to heavy demand of in-park crowds?!? ...

... no, it was just to get a picture of Buzz Lightyear. And this is a great advertising spot!
1- Guests get picture
2 - They get home
3 - They look through the pictures
4 - They see the ad in the back for Star Tours relaunching
5 - They then plan and book their next trip

Ok, so it's just a little after 11am with a 25 min wait. Yet Fast Pass return is already for 4:30 that night?!? I would expect that sort of thing from Ghost Galaxy. But for its Standard Mode, it is a little suprising

"Keep your receipt to receive one free refill" - That's what she said

Taking a look at Alice in Wonderland aboard a Disneyland Monorail

Some greenish color handrails seem to be installed. Maybe to get this ride opened as soon as possible for the remainder of the Summer Season, I wonder if these are some sort of "temp" railings until they can close the ride again and install something more stable and better themed.

Or maybe these aren't temp railings after all and are only there for the construction workers

More railing heading down the vine

With the new effects in place, my friend wanted to check out Snow White's Scary Adventure's 

The other day I was here, this chamber had so many coins all over the place. Looks good with it clean

Oh, and my friend enjoyed the new effects

Time to head out for now

Decided to ride the yellow motorized vehicle back to Town Square

The little girl insisted she was a star and wanted people to notice her and to wave to her

That is about it for today's pictorial
Thanks for looking

Next visit to the Disneyland Resort should be on August 6, 2010