Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Gloomy Busy Summer Day

For it being summer, it was an amazing cool day.  It seemed a little strange to see many people dressed up in jackets and long sleeve shirts

Stepping into Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure Guide Maps have World of Color viewing options

World of Color is now listed as an attraction. It took the spot of "coming soon" The Little Mermaid

Looking at the construction of Cars Land

Little Mermaid construction

The interactive fountain may not be working for some time

Looking at the World of Color platforms. The far left platform was raised in "Maintenance Mode", the middle was in "show mode", and the far right was under water

Jumping Jellyfish was closed yesterday as well as today. Overheard something about work being done to the cables

The gates around the back side of Jellyfish were repainted

Normally Silly Symphony Swings would be closed after 8:30pm for the performances of World of Color. The other night, the swings were open between 9:30pm to roughly 10pm

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

For about a month or so, the Boardwalk Games have been in the same costumes the Toy Story Midway Mania Cast Members wear

It seems now King Triton Carousel will open between 9:30pm and 10pm, between the ending of the first World of Color show and the second performance.  Since the Carousel and Swings do not take much to start up and shut down, it sort of makes sense. And it gives Guests more options of attraction to ride during that 30 min window. 

Looks like this smoking section will have to be relocated due to this road being used for a queue to get a World of Color FastPass and as an area people line up for when waiting for their show time

Not only this will probably have to move, but the smoking section by Mulholland Madness will soon be gone once they start construction over in that area

Is this a line to get a World of Color FastPass?

It is a little after 1:00pm and all Fast Passes have concluded for the day. I wonder if they handed out Fast Passes for 3 performances?  Lately, the third performance doesn't end distribution until the early evening time. 


Characters out all over Town Square




You know it's busy when this is the end of the line for Dumbo

Finally some breathing room...

...until you get here!

Looking over across at New Orleans Square

I think it's time to head out

Driving out, seeing the advertisement banner for the All-Stars Game

Thanks for looking

Until next time...

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  1. When I saw World of Color I noticed how temporary everything looked. The fountains are completely not submerged and the lights are above the waterline. I wish World of Color was more like the Bellagio fountains in the fact that the fountains look like small black dots and don't clutter the surface. World of Color looks like it still is in construction. I don't like that look. I wish Disney planned ahead and trenched Paradise Pier correctly and dug deeper. So that the fountains could be as submerged as the Bellagio Fountains. It takes away from the magic when you huge lights above the waterline and you can see the mechanics of the show during the show. That is bad show:(