Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Not So Light Saturday

With it being Saturday, with the majority of Annual Passholders blocked (except for Premium Passholders), I thought it would be a relatively nice day to go to the Disneyland Resort.

I got there about 10:30am, which is usually an earlier start than I normally get to the Parks. The weather was nice, not too hot or anything. But once there, the crowds were in full force.

-Disney California Adventure-

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

The queue for World of Color Fast Pass doing a hairpin turn

The line of Guests on the right side is for Grizzly River Run

Just a bunch of people everywhere

Grizzly River Run with a 55 min wait. On the plus side, I noticed a lot of Guests who were coming off the ride were really soaked

With no one bothering Mulan, it looks like she wants to try and sneak a ride on Tower of Terror

New parade lights going up

A hot pink roach coach


The opening day clips are playing at the Main Street Cinema through Labor Day

Walt dedicating Fantasyland

Alice in Wonderland with tarps all around

Star Tours with a 45 min wait. Only two days before it closes for its refurbishment

Buzz Lightyear opened from it's small refurbishment

Captain EO with a very minimal amount of wait

The kind of waits for today

Heading out, got a picture of both Tron Cycle posters

Thanks for looking

Next Disneyland Resort Pictorial -
July 30

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