Friday, July 27, 2012

A Friday Afternoon Thru The Disneyland Resort

Welcome to another Friday thru the Disneyland Resort.  But first, we are gonna go back in time... back to earlier in the week.


I want us to take a moment and check out Disney California Adventure's re-dedication plaque

Taking a closer look...

Another look...

See the yellow plate.  That shouldn't be there.  Something happened. Someone must have spotted something before the unveiling and they had to cover it it.

What could it have been? What is some sort of misspelling?  A wrong date perhaps?

Skip ahead to July 27...

It is a little after noon as I arrive at the Disneyland Resort

First stop.. Disney California Adventure

See the difference in the re-dedication plaque?

There is no yellow plate

This must be a completely new Disney California Adventure re-dedication plaque

Let's enter Buena Vista Street and check out Disney California Adventure

Even the Caricature Cast Members were busy

Thrills and Spills on Radiator Springs Racers

Over at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree...

This ride whips you side to side as it "dances to Mater's music".  Well.. now, not so much

You see, some sandpaper-like coating was placed lightly on the seats.

I guess Guests were getting hurt enough from sliding across the seats that Disney had to do something.  Now don't think that Guests are now "glued" to their seats, cause they aren't. Guests are still getting that side to side motion and they are still having a lot of fun.

Looks like some more of those curve lamps have been placed above the Red Car Trolley billboard next to Tower of Terror

Inside Julius Katz & Sons...

Some tongue-in-cheek conversations with some of the items that need repairing

Disneyland time..

Flags flown full staff

A busy street

Aw.. Goofy!

What's that boy? You hear something? What do you hear??

Oh! The Voices of Liberty

Hurry up Disney and get the Princess Fantasy Faire open.  There are a lot of people who want to complain about it. Can't you hear their cries?!  ha ha ha

Once Disney closes Alice in Wonderland to address the solution for the railing on the vine, Alice may end up having something in common with Indy

Anyone up for Button Trading?

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for stopping by

Until Next Time...