Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Heated Halloween Prep

Looks like more work at the M&F's Tram station
Pumpkin King Mickey escorting Pumpkin Princess Minnie. To bad they don't have these same costumes for the walk around's
The walls are gone from the entrance to California Adventure

I rushed in California Adventure's gates cause I SO want to see Candy Corn Acres

With it being the same decorations every year, I decided to go to Tower of Terror

On the way there, I saw Snow White...

...and Jane and .. in the corner was Pocahontas. It was characters galore, even with the heat

No Bat arch, No stained glass spider lamp decorations, no Halloween party inside

Over at Tortilla factory, it looks like new decorations. Last years was made of corn husks. I don't care for the fall decorations they put up in this area

Making my way towards the Fun Wheel

World of Color construction

These lighthouses look more like Pagodas to me. Even though their design resembles more of Midway Mania than anything else so far

The benches (although different, because they used to have the dolphin sidings) are back

Having a fun time being a "mouse"keteer

The walls are closing in on us!
--- Disneyland ---

The celebration hat with Halloween colors

The balloons have changed colors too

Pumpkin Mickey

The pumpkins are back along the Main Street shops. One picture of it will do, no need to grab a shot of all the pumpkins

The alpine cabin with the walls down

and a sign

How pretty. Now over to Space Mountain

Ghost Galaxy

Speakers. Probably to pipe out haunted music?

Work being done next to the Space Mountain Photo shop

The Castle with a secret compartment

Thunder Ranch decorated

The lanterns along the walkway of the restaurant have lights in them

Halloween tree in Frontierland

Haunted Mansion Holiday getting ready to open tomorrow

I think Haunted Mansion Holiday will have some competition this year as to which ride Guests go to first. Normally it would be the Mansion, but with Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, it will be interesting to see which way the crowd heads to at rope drop
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