Friday, September 11, 2009

D23 Expo Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Pavillion

Today was the first of two days of attending the D23 Expo.

Didn't want to deal with parking, so I just walked there

Once inside, walked around a bit to get the lay of the land. Afterwards, I went straight to the Walt Disney Parks and Resort Pavillion

Not much of a wait to get in

After a little preshow, it was time to head inside where the models of Cars Land awaited

I think the lights shinning down on the big model represent different times of the day and how it would look
On the monitors, it often showed the little red cars racing along the track
Now on to see the other exhibits

The joy stick used for the Tiki Room
Another exciting part of the exhibit were the models of Dixielay's expansion

A trackless system with cars traveling through the manor. This attraction sounds awesome and I can't wait for it to open
Once outside, saw a Peter Pan ship

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  1. Thanks for the great pictures.
    Maybe Ill get to the next expo!!!