Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Beehive of Activity

There is only one more week until its Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort. So far the only Halloween prop that can be seen are the Goofy and Ghosts with the Happy Halloween pumpkins along the Tram route.

Stopping at California Adventure

A beehive of activity going on

Lighthouse are being installed

One of the Jellyfish towers covered in tarps for its painting. I don't think it has been painted since it opened in 2001

Rock work

The kiddies get excited when they see Woody

Side view of the retractable rooftops

The Fun wheel's black arm supports were cleaned

World of Color construction workers

More work being done on Mermaid

Where the lighthouses are being kept

I wonder what they are measuring

Up close and personal

Time to head over to Disneyland

More sanding

Fall bunting

No giant pumpkin yet

The missing tile was replaced

Work being done at Space Mountain

Instead of black trash bags to cover up the lights, they now have vinyl coverings

What is that behind the clock tower? Is this for the new Halloween Screams firework spectacular debuting next week?

More cottage work

Over by Thunder Mountain exit area, work had been done on the walkway

A new sign letting Guests know when the Mansion will reopen

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See ya next week


  1. MY GOD your photos are amazing!
    and SO much more pleasant to look through than Darkbeer's endless pictures of ducks and turtles wasting space on the internet and our time. You also have a much better camera and better taken pictures. PLEASE post more!

  2. Great photos Mint. I wish I had more time to go on my own....

  3. HI A Beehive of Activity this park look really nice i want to go there .

  4. Excellent pictures, I think that the information about it is really interesting because I guess it is one of the most beautiful festival, I would like to be there with my children!22dd

  5. It is almost scary seeing how they construct these rides!