Thursday, October 27, 2011

HalloweenTime Winding Down

HalloweenTime is slowly coming to an end this year.  Althought one couldn't tell it was HalloweenTime unless they visited Disneyland.

Maybe next year Disney California Adventure will get some Halloween decorations since the Phase 1 construction will be completed.

Nothing says the "Happiest Place on Earth" like seeing police in the Main Entry Plaza

Once inside Disney California Adventure, work continues on the West Block entrance portion of Buena Vista Street

Trees line up along the wall

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Work being done on the back side of Cars Land mountain range

Cozy Cone Motel food establishment

Flo's V8 Cafe circular portion is getting its wall wrapped around

Closer look at one of the Cozy Cone Motel cones

The Radiator Springs Courthouse

The Courthouse for Radiator Springs Racers is slowly getting its details placed

The backside of Cars Land is finally getting its rock work done

Shot of mountain range

Radiator Springs Curios

The back side still has a lot to go

Close up of Flo V8 Cafe

Getting the wire mesh in place

The blending of the current rock work with the new rock work of Cars Land

On the Blue Sky Cellar patio, Sarge's Surplus Hut is starting to take shape

Getting a shot of the length of Sarge's Surplus Hut building frame

Looking down the street into Cars Land

Another close up of the Courthouse from the Blue Sky Cellar patio

The shack over at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree received some metal roofing

Looking down towards the future store of Elias & Co for Buena Vista Street

Carthay Circle Theatre

A small opening in the tarps revealed a tiny piece of detail for the Carthay Circle Threatre

Some new Christmas items from the store "Off the Page"

Over in "a bug's land", Christmas is here

Santa Flik

Another shot of the Carthay Circle fountain

The back side of the West Block entrance of Buena Vista Street

- Disneyland -

Snow has once again appeared on the Castle

Looking at the parade lights from around the hub.... friend mentioned that the snow machines appear to be new.

- Monorail -

Buena Vista Street construction

"it's a small world" closed for the time being for the installation of "it's a small world" Holiday

The light around the station received some "chinese hats"

Installation of Christmas lights around the facade of "it's a small world"

The Toy Shop was also closed

New flooring being installed as well

Over in New Orleans

More Christmas decorations have been placed

The New Orleans Square decorations are pretty much the same as last year

I don't remember these from last year. (These are next to the Voodoo balcony)

Garland found at the New Orleans Square train station

Sheet music for Dixie's Landing

The outdoor vending station even got into the Christmas spirit

Looking at the lighthouse of Pirates of the Caribbean attraction building

What's going on with the wait time board area?

It's all covered up.  Is an electronic one on the way? An electronic one wouldn't fit the theme of turn-of-the-century Main Street.

Heading out of Disneyland only to find another thing that doesn't fit turn-of-the-century Main Street... Aladdin and Jasmine

Looking at the construction of Buena Vista Street through Disney California Adventure's entrance

That will conclude today's pictorial
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