Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Windy Day At The Kingdom

What a windy day.  The parks were not too bad as far as crowds go.

Today the shuttles were traveling a different route. They were not using the Disney Way side entrance that follows the back side of California Adventure. Total trip time took between 5-10 minutes. It seemed so much easier

Not to bad at California Adventure. I just hope the tent at the far back doesn't blow over with all the gusts

A sign explaining that the passage way between Tower and Bugs is closed for the time being

HSM 3 taking place. The streamers caught in the trees must have been there for some time because they didn't shoot any streamers on this performance

Some more frame work for the Cars rock work

Another look from a distance

Mermaid work still under way

Taking a look at the Swings

These are still here. Supposedly someone had mentioned these would be leaving. They could still be leaving before the World of Color show starts

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Guests waiting for Midway Mania to reopen

View from the California Screamin' queue


Flags at half staff for social activist Dorothy Height who died last week after a lifetime of promoting awareness of civil and women’s rights.

Work along the Rivers of America

Refilling is scheduled to begin tomorrow. Whether it actually does remains to be seen

Even though the Matterhorn was open, only Fantasyland side was in operation. Yet, before you go into the mountain, there is a small wall preventing Bobsled riders from looking straight into the Tomorrowland station. As though trying to hide the new bobsled...

... yet the queue for the Matterhorn is on the Tomorrowland side

Captain EO will now be seen in all 4 Magic Kingdoms. I wonder if they all will feature the boom base floor

Because of the wind, umbrellas were in the down position

Ducks guarding the entrance to Frontierland

New paddle wheel on the Mark Twain

Looks like the painted female pirate winner has been painted over in the Pirates' queue

Speaker uncovered

This sort of reminds me of the egg shape design on top of the obelisk in Paradise Park 

Can't wait for TS3 !

Thanks for looking

Until next time