Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fabulous Sun Raining Down on Everyone

Was feeling a lot better compared to last week. Although it was still busy due to Spring Break and the weather was very warm, I decided to face the crowds. ...especially on the Fun Wheel

Golden Zephyr still closed? I thought it had re-opened last week after its new paint job

Walking over to California Adventure

Food and Wine sign already displayed on the Golden Gate Bridge

Decorative flags throughout the parade route

A crane can now be seen on the Little Mermaid site

What's that sound?

A sample of music that was pipping out from the lighthouse structure and alone Paradise Park

The Zephyr is indeed open

The Zephyr with a line. I don't know if it's the Spring Break crowds or the recent paint job 

A look at the Silly Symphony Swings

Looking across the bay

Another look at the Swings as I get in the 30 min line for Fun Wheel

Testing some fog, I guess

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

It looks like the swirls are now a thing of the past

Extended Extended queue for Grizzly


Better hurry and get your ride(s) on Star Tours. From what I have heard, it sounds as though it will be closing mid-summer

Stagnate water doesn't not make this look picturesque 

River work

Looking at the Cars Land crane as I head back to the Toy Story shuttle pick up

That's it for today
Thanks for looking

Until next time


  1. Great update Mint!
    Good to have you back.

  2. love your update Mint, wish you had gone to the hollywood area and tooken pictures of the new lightpoles that are starting to be installed