Thursday, April 1, 2010

One Weak of a Pictorial

Today's pictorial is actually pretty short. I wasn't feeling to good. With the drastic weather change this week from hot to cold to windy, me not feeling to great, and the crowds from the Parks, I couldn't last.


First stop, parking at the new parking lot. Got to park in Thumper

Even though it has been quite some time since strollers and wheelchairs could be rented here, the sign still exists

The AP processing center

60 minutes for Tower of Terror!

This area was now open once again

The speakers now have the bubble machines on top

Normally I would be going on the Fun Wheel, but the line for both of them were pretty much reaching the top of the platform

What's that in the tree?

A time lapse camera for Mermaid?

The billboards look so faded

Are these speakers ?  ha ha ha



Heading over to Disneyland


Koi fish in the moat


I had to step inside the Cinema for a bit to get away from the crowds

At the car and the reflection looked like a bunny

That's it for today
Thanks for looking

Until next time

pictures with * at the top of them are in spirit of April Fool's Day

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