Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Not So Sunshine Day After all

The sun came out for a bit this morning, so I thought it would be gorgeous after a day of wet weather. But soon the clouds rolled in and it became gray. 

Whoa! Is Tink the new mascon for Food and Wine?

Heading into Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Food and Wine banners on the new lamp posts

The paintbrush speakers are back

The middle lamp post seems to be a leaning back a bit

Tower of Terror with no Fast Pass

To ride it, you must go over by the gift shop...

...and enter through a side gate

I thought it was pointing to the "it's tough to be a bug" attraction, but it's actually pointing ...

.. over to the old fast pass distribution area. Chip and Dale were there greeting Guests

The Bug wall is back up until August

10,000 lady bugs were released in the bountiful farm. I guess it was too cold to fly

But this little fella didn't seem to mind

 Flik's Flag is missing

Looks like some sort of stop button for the water fountain

Looking at the Mermaid construction
Swings work being done

New palm tree next to the stairs and also a few over near Jumpin' Jellyfish

Detail work

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Due to some testing taking place, Midway Mania may have delayed openings for the next couple of weeks

Did I have a bit too much tasting? 

With the Redwood Creek closed for refurbishment, Koda was out near the San Fransisco restrooms greeting Guests 

I believe it's wood work that is being done inside the area

Once a peaceful fast pass area will probably turn into a chaotic scene when the Showpasses for World of Color are handed out


Some new attraction posters 

Hard to see here, but on the other side of that plastic is a new rock creek being worked on.

The jumping fish are now working again 

Even Tarzan's Tree house gets a poster at Disneyland. Even though this is pretty much the one from Hong Kong Disneyland, 

Some more trees have been planted in the Toy Story Lot

That concludes this weeks pictorial
Hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for looking

Until next time

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