Friday, November 27, 2009

Day After Thanksgiving

It was quite easy getting to the Disneyland Resort today. Left my place around 11:30 a.m. and was expecting there to be traffic all around, trying to get in. But I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to get to the Parking structure and into the Parks.
Went over to the Disneyland Hotel and the Grand first
Outside the entrance to the Disneyland Hotel lobby

Stepping through the automatic doors

The lobby

It looks like the hand sanitizers can be found at the Hotels

The Downtown Disney Tree

Princess and the Frog banners

The Christmas Castle banner

The Grand's Christmas Tree

Work continues on the Stroller / Wheelchair rental building

Normally Disney's California Adventure would be the first stop, but the lines to get in were long. Plus my friend needed to renew his Annual Pass. So we decided to go to Disneyland first and get that over with

Waiting for my friend
Now it's time to go to Disney's California Adventure

The restaurants must be loving the foot traffic coming through

Some graphics on the walls

World of Color work. Looks like everyone had Thanksgiving and today off

Lamps have started to appear on top of the seashell columns

A new sign discussing the water procedure

This tree looks like it's about ready to fall over

My friend and I were placed with other people in the Fun Wheel Gondola, so I couldn't move around as much getting shots =(

The fall protection and the temporary fence that ran along the Screamin' Launch were removed

Water !

Heading back to Disneyland now

I LOVE this new bridge. I though the old railings were too low

Flags have appeared , but no sign

Casey Jr and Storybook Land were reopened

That's about it for now. Thanks for checking it out

Until Next Time...