Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Warm Winterland

Hey, Let's go! All of our friends are calling!
Holiday Time posters welcome Disneyland Resort Guests
Work being done on the new building for wheelchairs and stroller rentals
It was nice and warm when the sun was out
As Dr. Facilier walked to the Mark Twain, no one paid attention to him
Looks like a celebration is happenin' down there

Made in the good ol' U.S. of A.

This way to Santa's Reindeer Round-up

Stopping at the ranch to see their reindeer

There they are!

Pluto !

Santa! Santa!

He is making sure all his reindeer are minding themselves
That's right, Celebrating Christmas!

Oh no! the sun is melting Frosty. All that is left is his smiling face

Even though the walls were down around Casey Jr., it was still closed to Guests while I was there

The windows were still in the down position. One could easily just reach in

And nab Dumbo!

Monstro with no walls in sight

The cabbage bring out the yellow lettering of Storybook Land

Part of Ariel's world was bright

Troubadour Tavern
Guests wouldn't know what the name of this place because there is no sign and it is not listed in the Disneyland guide maps. That may explain why it was "dead"

Leaving Disneyland for California Adventure. But I will be back shortly

Progress from earlier
I really wish they could dress this area up. But I guess with the area going to be redone, they didn't want to spend the $$$

The Times Guide reminds you of how to stay healthy and safe
So it looks like it is permanent. Single Rider is no longer listed for Toy Story Midway Mania
And look! the Christmas Tree logo is in the same spot the actual tree is located
The Guide maps mention the Verizon wireless Mobile Magic
Oops, can't go that way. Some repaving will be taking place
If you want to get to Paradise Pier, you must go through the restaurant section
Almost there
new brown walls
We are facing the buoy lighthouse
Making a left from the above sign
One of the trees that was newly planted
Work continues

Time for a fun-sational trip aboard the wheel

What are they working on, I wonder

Gadgets and gizmos

Whew. That was fun

Time to head back over to Disneyland. I had a FastPass for Space Mountain

A "half time" sign over at Matterhorn. This sign is placed at the midpoint from the start and end of the queue

Looks at all these strollers!

The prairie dogs were moving to fast for me to get a good picture. I may have to try again next time

This snow finale is way better than the previous years of the mini ornament Christmas tree

These pictures of the new "floats" were taken last Friday cause I knew I wasn't going to make it this week

If I can celebrate the birth of Christ on Dec 25, then I can celebrate Disneyland's birthday on July 17

Believe in Holiday Magic's tunnel poster

Shirts from the Classic Collection
That is it for now. Thanks for looking.
See Ya Next Time!


  1. where was the classic collection of clothing you found? Is that at the vault store in DTD or is that on mainstreet and if so which store. I will be going soon and love the look of them.

  2. They were found at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney.

  3. Nice Trip report! All that work on the new Troubadour Tavern and no signs or promotion, typical! I'll have to check it out on my next visit. THANKS!

  4. Mint,

    What camera do you use? Also, what lens do you use for your distant shots?