Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looks Like a Lighthouse

Leaving for my routine Thursday outing at the Disneyland Resort to see what is happening
*clicking on a picture will make it bigger so you can see all the detail
Before going to the Resort, a quick look at the progress of the parking lot
Now on to the Resort
Why does Disney always revert back to these old posters as a fill-in. I could understand if Midway Mania wasn't drawing a crowd, but for the most part it seems to be the most popular attended attraction at Disney's California Adventure. If the posters were better designed, I wouldn't mind them being used so much
Banners promoting Holiday time. There is one of Sleeping Beauty Castle that I forgot to get a picture of
Holiday time at Disney's California Adventure
This "lighthouse" really took my by surprise when I saw it. Throughout the California Adventure portion, there will be many pictures of this from different angles
This object was not what I was expecting at all to be placed on top of the pedestal. I was thinking it would be a statue
Looking out towards World of Color
By looking how far up the fire hydrant is, it shows how high the flooring will be
Since the "lighthouse" took the tree's former spot, it is now located next to the Cove Bar patio
Silly Symphony Swings
Is Santa going to be located here at the Christmas Tree? Often times I have felt the heat coming from the wooden boards of the boardwalk. I hope it wouldn't be a problem for Santa.
Clocks to tell Guests when it will ... open. With California Adventure's way of doing things, it would make sense on their part to open it for last 4 hours of operation in the cooler days.
How the tree is anchored down
The entrance to Midway Mania looked as though it was missing something. But I could not put my finger on it at the time. Instead of staring at the entrance, I just took a snap shot of it. After looking over it, I noticed that Single Rider sign is missing. Later in the day, I found out that Single Rider was not being utilized. I had asked around and after some time, from what was mentioned, is seems that they are testing on keeping Single Rider closed for an unspecified time.
It's now time for a trip about the Fun Wheel
Getting a shot of Route 66 Gift shop and the new "lighthouse" in the background
The "lighthouse" and the other "toppers"
Soarin' was a total walk-on so I went on it. I can't remember the last time I had been on this ride
New (to me ) HD monitors
Hollywood Backlot with it's holiday banners
New Mickey Ears
--- Disneyland time! ---
Close up of the snow machine
The tarps and scaffolding were taken down around the enchanted cottage (or whatever it's being called)
Toontown with its typical Christmas decorations
Probably the only place in Tomorrowland that is constantly changing. Looks like new lights
Christmas in Fronteirland
Princess Tiana's meet and greet
Not sure if this is a coincidence or if it is intentional, but it fits in nicely with the Princess and the Frog
That is it for this week.
Thanks for looking. =)
See you next time

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