Friday, November 30, 2012

Damp Weather "Reigned" In My Fun at the Disneyland Resort

With the early rain, I held off from getting to the Disneyland Resort too early. I thought I would wait till it stopped before heading out

Around 9:30 am, it had stopped raining and I head to the Disneyland Resort

Going into Disney California Adventure first

I guess they don't need to go to Gate 14 and 15 to enter.  They can go to any open turnstile

Sure does seem busy down the street there

An interview of some sort was staking place with Mickey Mouse

It's about 10am and the Disney California Adventure has been open for 2 hours.  And this part of the park still looks deserted

Even with the light rain, Radiator Springs Racers was still running

Tents on Route 66?  What is this? Some sort of street fair?

Oh! Filming taking place, got it

Santa Mater in front of Luigi's Flying Tires

Now it's really starting to rain at this point

With the rain, the shops on Buena Vista Street became busy

People still heading into Disneyland

Candlelight set up

Princess Fantasy Faire construction

As with Disney California Adventure, Guests with multi-day tickets are able to enter any open turnstile instead of certain ones as before

Rain: 1 Mint: 0

Because it just wasn't stopping, and not much else going on, I decided to call it a day.

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out

Until Next Time...