Friday, November 9, 2012

A Heaping Dose of Christmas at the Disneyland Resort

Although Christmas Time doesn't officially start until November 12, 2012, one would think it has already started with all the Christmas decorations Disney California Adventure and Disneyland have placed

Note: You will see some nights shots in this pictorial.  Be advised that they were taken on the nights of Novemeber 7 and 8

Getting to the Disneyland Resort at 9:45am, this is what I faced! Lines from Disney California Adventure and Disneyland meeting in the middle of the Main Entry Plaza.  This is exactly why a fountain wouldn't work in the plaza.

Getting in line for Disney California Adventure

The windows for Elias & Co have pop-up displays of Santa and his workshop

If you haven't guessed, these illustrations comes from Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies short "Santa's Workshop"

Inside Elias & Co, a couple of mannequins have been moved around

We will see Santa a bit later

Santa's elves

Christmas themed Mickey Mouse walking towards the Trolley Treats area

Oh no! These kids want Mickey to do the Gangnam style horse saddle dance move

And Mickey and his "handler" get into it.

Buena Vista Street Christmas Tree

Not too many Guests know about meeting Santa inside Elias & Co

Even the Cast Members manning the World of Color Fast Pass distribution are wearing the Glow with the Show mouse ears.

Maybe if the hat portion was a better design, they may sell better.  Who ever designed the pattern, I don't they really did a good job.

It's Caristmas Time in Cars Land

Themed garland hand across Route 66

Even the billboard has been changed to reflect Christmas time

Just as I was taking pictures of Flo's V8 Cafe, who do I see coming down the street....

...Santa Mater!

A lot of big wigs are here to see him come down the street for the first time

Radiator "Winter" Curious with snow

There stood a small snowman, but it looks to be removed.  I am guessing because in "Cars", there was no "man".  So how can there be a snowman.

Red even horns out the tune "Jingle Bells"


Heading into Disneyland

That will conclude today's pictorial.
There were a few places I didn't get to today only because I have other engagements in the evening time. And I wanted to make sure I would be able to get this post finished before I was to leave

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