Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting Ready for the Christmas Season

What a hazy morning.  I decided to hold off for about an hour with the hopes that the haze would go away.  Around 9am, I decided to head to the Disneyland Resort

Getting to the Disneyland Resort around 9:30 am and there are still plenty of Guests waiting to get in. I thought it was weird that there would still be lines.  But then I checked at Disney California Adventure didn't even open till 9 am.  Good thing I slept in! :)

No Christmas decorations yet on Buena Vista Street

We know what's going here, don't we.  It's the Christmas Tree.  I can't wait to see it.

Very silent over at the World of Color / Grizzly River Run area

Walking to Paradise Pier

The Little Mermaid has its subtle Christmas decoration on the building facade

The Christmas decorations at the Paradise Pier restaurant dinning area have returned


Looking at the Little Mermaid building from across the bay

Paradise Pier's Christmas Tree

A look at the Paradise Pier Gazebo with it's hanging gardland

Donald in his winter themed sailor outfit

"Smile like you won the Piston Cup"

Radiator Springs Curios with Christmas lights hanging across

Speaking of Christmas lights...

The tree next to Sarge's Surplus Hut has lights wrapped around it

I was thinking the lights would be green and white.  But it looks like it's gonna be red, white, and blue. Makes sense since Sarge is a U.S. Military Jeep

Luigi's Flying Tires

"a bug's land" with its yearly Christmas lights hanging across the clovers

And can't forget about the ornaments

Flik is in his Santa outfit

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

It's very quite in Hollywood Land

Back on Buena Vista Street, some of the Christmas merchandise

Can't they ever get the correct Castle right? It shows Cinderella's Castle and not Sleeping Beauty Castle

More Christmas merchandise

Vintage style Christmas cards

About to head out of Disney California Adventure

The line to get out

Heading to Disneyland

Two day after Halloween and the pumpkins are still up

More of the facade work can be seen over at the Princess Fantasy Faire construction

A stage was set up in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle for a Christmas day taping. So of course you couldn't walk across the drawbridge

They were recording the little abominable snowman turning the popcorn crank

Over in Toon Town, Christmas decorations can be seen in the city and in the neighborhood

Cover your eyes! a little bit of magic may be spoiled

Work continues along Casey Jr's two bridges

So I see these signs...

And they seem to promise good times to be had

We can eat and see a nice show

The sign stating we are almost there

I didn't see any kind of carnival or carved pumpkins.  All I saw was a cabin

Fast Passes can now be obtained for Haunted Mansion Holiday

It seems weird to offer it a month and a half after it opened.  I only rode it a couple of times, but I thought the line moved faster.  If it's good enough not to have it for the normal Mansion, then it should be good enough to not have it for Holiday version

Ornaments with honey on them

There must be magic in these wood, as honey also drip sideways on the ornaments

Over in New Orleans Square, the Court of Angels has returned

Disneyland's blog stated that the Pirates League was to last up until Oct 31.  And they kept their word.  I am sure the only reason it was reverted back was because the Pirates League wasn't a hit like they thought it would be.  During the time of the Pirates League, in total I probably saw like a handful of Guests getting their makeover

Ghost Galaxy still being offered for the remainder of the week

Only 15 min!

Loves it!

That will conclude with today's pictorial
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  1. Great update as always!

    I love the Fastpass at the Mansion. There were ABSURD numbers of people using GACs to cut the line, and my assumption/hope is that with Fastpass being offered, those non-wheelchair GACs won't be able to cut the line any more.