Saturday, October 30, 2010

Out the Window

Looking out the window and watching the backside of CarsLand grow

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Tradition Continues

Before my friend and I went on our way to the Disneyland Resort, I always look outside to see how the Toy Story Parking Lot looks. Most of the time, looking at the parking lot before heading out, I can tell what the crowds will be like. But today, looking out, I noticed that the parking lot was somewhat bare of vehicles.

For today's weather, it was warmer than what was forcasted. And with it being warmer, I was thinking it would be busy. After all, it is towards the end of the HalloweenTime at the Disneyland Resort. I thought people would be getting their last rides for Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy!

On our way to the Disneyland Resort...

The East mural has completely been removed

Work already starting on the West side mural

Without the murals, it gives California Adventure a more openness to it

Christmas lights on the Golden Gate bridge

Hmm , What's missing?

The Sunshine Hubcap! So now, this area would probably be referred as the "Plaza"

Looking at CarsLand construction

The Little Mermaid construction

More work being done over at the former Pizza Omm Mow Mow

A big tear in the Mulholland Madness mural

Just waiting for the shaded structures of the former Maliboomer to be gone

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Duffy the Disney Bear ready for Christmas

The crowds were so light today at California Adventure, that High School Musical 3 Right Here Right Now hardly had a crowd

At this time, it is only 12:30pm.  And the first showing of Disney's Dance Crew was not until 1:30. With it being a bit warm and my friend not feeling to good, decided to skip it for today

The scaffolding off of the Hyperion sign

Yet the bottom portion of the marquee doesn't look all that great

Inside the Animation Acadamy is a poster for the new Winnie the Pooh movie

Some pixar merchandise at "Off the Page"

Greeting's Christmas decorated window display

Heading out to Disneyland with another look at the West side mural

Hardly anyone entering the Park

The tradition continues with Christmas invading on Halloween

"it's a small world" closed for it's annual transformation into the Holiday version

Work being done on the rooftops of the Village Haus restrooms

Snow capped Castle rooftop with a snow capped mountain

New Orleans Square getting decorated for Christmas

Masquerade masks adorn many of the lamp posts in the area

A photo location across from the Haunted Mansion. This must be used for Mickey's Halloween Party

As we head out, we saw the Dapper Dans playing at Refreshment Corner

Another look across the way to California Adventure. Did the mural actually "hide" the park?!?

While waiting for the Toy Story Parking Lot buses, we saw a couple of buses advertising the new Epic Mickey Wii game

That will conclude today's visit to the Disneyland Resort
Thanks for looking

Until next time...