Thursday, October 21, 2010

Drizzly Disney Day

I am thinking because of the weather, today seemed to be a bit less crowded than it has been the past couple of weeks. I wasn't sure if it was suppose to rain today, but it started to drizzle a bit here and there once my friend and I went on Mickey's Fun Wheel.

A black tarp covers the west side mural. Palm trees are gone on that side as well

The sun now looks like a steering wheel on a boat

Little Mermaid construction

No more Maliboomer

Looks like they are working on the projection domes

Oh man, this table does not look very attractive. When it was new, it looked cool at all the features installed for World of Color. But now, it looks like it could easy fall apart at any time

All that is left of the Maliboomer are the shade structures and lighting

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Trying to get a good picture of the Malibroomer platform

CarsLand construction

Looks like they took down the practically unused Chernabog projector

Looks like the projector that was on Screamin'. I wonder what it could be used for. Tron, possibly?

Painting still continues on California Screamin'.  It looks like like the red trim is being repainted

Red trim repainted here

And here one can see where they have stopped for the time being

A shot without the Maliboomer

The line to meet Mickey in the Paradise Pier Gazebo

But over at Duffy, no line at all.

The skyline for CarsLand

Some new images from one of the TVs in the entrance to the Blue Sky Cellar

A newer model for Buena Vista Street??

These lights used at ElecTRONica look like the same lights used for Mickey's Fun Wheel

The stage for the Disney Dance Club. ... or whatever it's called

Heading out to Disneyland


With the clouds and the bright Halloween colors, the colors seemed to just pop out

Burt, but no Mary

They painted the board to match the wall

The ToonTown sign must be in the shop for refurbishment

Some beautification work going on

Christmas lights on the Small World facade

The Tangled Meet-N-Greet now opened

The 30 minute wait must include dashing across of those exiting Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Is this line for the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-thru?

Nope, it's to meet Belle and Beast

What is this line for?

Oh! Aurora is out of her Castle

The Pirate crew singing about Whiskey

With today's weather, short waits for many of the attractions

Captain EO poster now display in east tunnel of the Main Street train station

That's it for today. 
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Oh, and if you haven't checked it out, I did a post on elecTRONica. Check it out if you can !

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  1. Yesterday, the sun icon was even more dismantled. The spokes are gone and its basically just circle shape.