Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Rain Makes For A Busy Day

With the previous days raining, today's weather turned out to be a nice day. It wasn't too cold and definitely wasn't hot. But with the nice weather came crowds. My friend and I got to the Disneyland Resort around 11a.m. and already could see that it was going to be a busy day.  It is as if those who didn't make it the past couple days came today

It looks totally open

Major part of the mural has been taken down

Tomorrow, elecTRONica starts at Disney California Adventure

The Little Mermaid construction site

The S.S. Rustworthy is totally gone, and Pizza Oom Mow Mow sign is gone

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

As my friend and I are waiting to board a non swinging gondola, the queue wasn't that long. There were 3 parties in front of us and 3 parties behind us. Not enough to place small groups in the same gondola. We timed it just right because out of nowhere people were coming down the exit ramp to ride a non-swinging gondola. So may in fact that by the time we got off, the queue was already past the infrared counter

When will the hamburger go away?!? Burger Invasion has been closed the longest, yet the burger still stands

Little Mermaid construction

On the left side, one can start to see the frame work for a cone that will become Cozy Cone Motel

Bit by bit, the Maliboomer comes down

The blue wall has been pushed outward a bit

Some border frames have appeared

Demolition continues over by the old Farmer's Market

Look at all that rubble

Duffy with what appears to be a Disney Parks tag. I think it would have been cooler if the tag stated Tokyo Disney Sea

Grapes. With so many Guests looking at them, they should label this as an "attraction" in the Disney California Adventure guide map

Aladdin is open

Small sign one week, then the large sign, now back to small sign. Something seems fishy

ElecTRONica banners

The last time I went under one of these, I was in a people mover car

Drawn to middle of the street with Drawn to the Magic

Some Tron merchandise

High School Musical 3 Senior Year Right Here, Right Now still draws crowds


Disney Clothiers open after a refurbishment.  So lets go in and check it out

With a flash

"I think it will be quite suitable, just needs a touch here and there"

I am loving the new color scheme, new layout and new decorations!

The overhead lights are a bit too "now".  Maybe some chandeliers might add a bit more of a Victorian theme

Way to go Disney on a job well done! I love it!

Not that bad for a busy day

Small World is getting ready for the lights on its facade

More crowds

Over by the old French Fry cart that was across the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's exit, looks like some netting went up along the railings.  Possibly to prevent people from falling through??

Checking out the Mark Twain and it's new spiel. When it comes to the announcement of the safety spiel, our Captain is American and our First Mate is Spanish

No more Maliboomer bell topper from this view

Crowded New Orleans Square

As the steamboat passes, we hear "Down in New Orleans"

Was thinking of going on Haunted Mansion, but after seeing the crowds over in the area, decide to pass on it for the time being

As we pass Splash Mountain (not pictured), we hear Brer Frog talk about Brer Rabbit and how he better be careful of Brer Fox and Brer Bear

We soon see Mike Fink's cabin and our narrator mentions about him possibly being home with Davey Crocket

We are now heading into Indian Territory. But the Indian Chief gives us a welcome of passage

The Shaman talks about how the legend of how the flute came about

We are pointed out Pirate Lair on Tom Sawyer's Island. That is when we hear Tom himself talking about being a pirate

We soon pass Big Thunder Mountain and we are told how it is the wildest ride in the wilderness 

I enjoyed the new narration. I didn't care for the previous narrator.

Heading out, decided to stop over by Indiana Jone's show building to see how that is going

That's it for today's pictorial
Hope you enjoyed it

Until next time...


  1. Thanks for the update! Always enjoy them! But did you mean "shaman" instead of Charmin?

  2. Yes. Thanks for the clarification on that :)