Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update: October 14th at the Disneyland Resort

It was another gorgeous day today at the Disneyland Resort. I wasn't able to get to the park as early as I would have liked due to a previous engagement. My friend and I were able to get to the Resort around 10:45am and it was another busy day.

Even though Disney California Adventure doesn't have anything to offer when it comes HalloweenTime, it did have to offer the re-opening of Toy Story Midway Mania after it's month and a half long refurbishment. And California Adventure also had the premier of Duffy The Disney Bear!

-Disney California Adventure-

More of the tile mural is coming down

Even the Guests outside the gates can touch the walls!

The Sun without it's rays of hope

Looking at CarsLand from the parade route

One can see a lot of Ornament Valley with the clearance of the trees, P.T. Flea's, and San Adres Shakes

Little Mermaid construction

The Maliboomer is now smaller than Mickey's Fun Wheel. Soon it will be smaller than Jumping Jelly Fish

Mulholland Madness is now closed to be transformed

Does this mean there will be a loop?

Advertisement for Goofy's Sky School

Rust - The only "word" left on the building

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Finally! The burger is finally gone

Looking down at the construction work

Toy Story Midway Mania with its long line

60 minutes from the marquee!?! 

Before it closed, a full queue up to the marquee usually was anywhere between 35-45 minutes. I didn't go on the attraction today, but from what I have been told is that they installed some new gates when you exit off. Apparently with having the gates open first before Guests exit the vehicle, they also have to be closed before a vehicle can leave the station. So with the added time it takes to do that, it is slowing down the process of loading and unloading. Thus making the line move slower than it did before.


ダッフィー!     ダッフィー!

Duffy Groupies


Don't forget to buy your very own Duffy the Disney Bear!

With Duffy taking residence at Treasures of Paradise, the caricatures have once again moved next to the Tortilla factory


Ghost Mickey popcorn buckets in stock

Quite a line here. Could it be because it's a popcorn cart? Or because they have the Ghost Mickey popcorn buckets? ha ha 


Minnie in a moo-moo?!

Minnie is popular with the young crowd

Christmas lights installed in the bushes and shrubs in front of the Castle

And more lights in the trees around the moat

Whoa! Pretty!

Rapunzel's long hair

The queue set up to meet Rapunzel 

What the day looked like for Disneyland queues

The barbershop quartet serenades us as we walk out

That will conclude for today's pictorial
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  1. "Queue" isn't even an American word, why does Disney use this. Guests have no idea what it means. Just say line.

  2. Most words are not an American word. Most words are derived from other languages and ultimately Latin. Queue has been borrowed from the French and British (ENGLISH) for a long time. Some may not know it, but everyone that reads up on Disney usually does.