Thursday, February 25, 2010

These Walls Keep on Moving!

With the return of Captain EO to Disneyland, I couldn't wait to see it again. So I headed on my way. Once there, the parks were really busy. And these crowds are leading up to the busy Spring Break season

Work continues on the parking lot that is supposedly going to be named the Toy Story Lot

I wonder if the Main Entrance Plaza will take out HISTA's theme from the music entry loop

Saw these antenna toppers 

Standing in front of Playhouse Disney, I can't remember.. but did they push these walls back further? Or were they always this far in?

The past couple of weeks, this gate was open. Now the gate is closed

The Golden Zephyr all bundled up

For those that may get to experience Paradise Pier's Early Entry and are hungry, breakfast burriot's, cinnamon twist, coffee, hot chocolate, and orange juice will be available at the Hot Dog Cart as well as Don Thomas Turkey Leg stand.
Pacific Wharf Cafe, the Paradise Pier Cappuccino cart and Baker's Field Bakery will also be open

These birds have no fear

I had seen this being built over the past month. As of yet, I am not sure what this building will be used for. This is backstage behind Screamin' & Maliboomer.

This area has been filled in with dirt in preparation for the next step

laying bricks

They reopened the pathway between the Rustworthy and the Swings. Missing are the rocks and benches on the right side

Some recent touch-up work

These look like new flags

A close up of the Zephyr under wraps 

A set of old speakers on a new lightpost

The new parade lights on top

Some of the lamp posts were missing their globes

In order to get to Grizzly, you must make a right...

... then walk around these set of walls

..and there you go

- Disneyland -

It seems they did a replant on the Mickey floral

The only times I have seen Goofy and Max together are during the Christmas Fantasy Parade

Queuing up for Captain EO

Checking out the drained river

On my way out, I wanted to check to see if the wall was temporary. I could not find any separations that would give it any indications that it is temporary 

Well that is it for now
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