Thursday, February 11, 2010

Construction Still Continues

With the weather being sunny and cool, compared to earlier this week, Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland seemed a bit busier than a typical Thursday

As I make my way over to Disneyland, a little glimpse of the work being done over at the Buzz parking lot

Resort Parking and Transportation Cast Members looking at the new doors of the Trams
Disney's California Adventure

What looks different? Oh yeah, the wall that used to be where the barricades now stand has been removed.

With the walls taken down, the Mermaid walls have been pushed out further out

Looks like new speakers

Part of the platform was removed for some work. Looks like where one of the projection domes were.

The old speakers

And the new speakers

Another new tree.
Recently, this bridge leading behind the Grizzly station has been roped off in the area that is always wet from the falls. I wonder if something must have happened ( like Guests slipping ?? ) that is now preventing Guests to get closer to the railing.


With the Corn Dog Wagon gone for refurbishment, once can still get their fill of corn dogs at the Stage Door Cafe

Captain EO

As my friend and I were on the Monorail, noticed the plastic. Not sure if it's for painting or if it was because of the recent rains

A picture of the hunger strike people. Do you see them? Cause I couldn't

Matterhorn refurbishment

The new Frontierland bridge

I noticed this trash can has what appears to be a small handle to open the trashcan. This might make it easier for the Cast Members to open then rather than having them stick their hand(s) through the inside flap to push on the door from the inside

That's it for this pictorial
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