Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cloudy, with a Chance of Fun!

It's time for another day at the Disneyland Resort! Today was rather cloudy and at times some wind had kicked up. But it still made for a great day
Signs stating the new strollers and wheelchair rentals have been placed at the bottom of the escalators
Disney's California Adventure
A new sign has appeared on the wall as you enter Hollywood Pictures Backlot
It looks like painting was taking place at Francis Ladybug Boogie
Mulan was found in the Pacific Wharf next to the Lucky Fortune Cookery
Some wood panels have appeared on the terrace
Silly Symphony Swings
The stage lowered

Even though the rustworthy has it's days numbered, Disney still managed to replace the flags

a couple of dummies are on the swings

And sandbags seem to have been placed on the other swings.
From what I was told, these swings may not be the final version. Supposedly these swings are just for testing and the same swings that once were part of the Orange Stinger will be once again used. And the tandem swings are being brought back

Looks like a flower patter
n is starting to take shape

As I am heading out to go to Disneyland, it looks like the survey takers were out in full force

Valentine decor has sprung up in Town Square

Does not even look like it will be a store, much less an AP center as was said elsewhere..

It looks like a plywood Indian is leaning on the deer
Appears that the door is being worked on

The 3 posters have been completely removed

Not sure what this floor is called, but it doesn't appear to be wood

Painting being done at the exit of EO

Blue specks have been added all along the walls

This does look futuristic to me, yet it's some sort of game

Is that a new sign on the right?

When Guests splash down on Splash Mountain, they will see tarp

That will conclude today's trip
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  1. nice update as always. the "futuristic" game in your picture is a jump-rope type game. The lights flash in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, and the player jumps as the lights pass underneath. just FYI.

  2. that's a NATIVE AMERICAN plywood leaning on the deer. Let's be PC here!

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    Nice pictures posted here..Really very nice..
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