Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Oh My What A Beautiful Day !

What a gorgeous day today! It totally felt like Spring has arrived. It made it for a great walk around the Parks today.

Before going to the parks, a look at the Buzz parking 
lot. It looks as though they have destroyed the first lot and removed the toll booths. Probably easier to combine both lands into one redesigned lot
Now it is time for the Parks. First stop, Disney's California Adventure

From this point of view, you can see the "old" Harbor entrance

It looks like they have removed some of the green fencing

Francis Ladybug Boogie is closed with an opening date to be determined

Heading to the Pier

The "jewel" is starting to take shape

Time to take a ride on Mickey's Fun Wheel

As the wheel turned, the water on the ChurnaZurg was on, but only for a short time before it was turned off

With a little adjustment...

This seagull almost looks like he could be a permanent decoration piece for the lighthouses

A lot of stuff today for Disney's California Adventure
Now it's time for Disneyland

Work being done on the Candy Palace

More painting taking place for Captain EO

Closed until July 4th. With it being the busiest restaurant (or so I have been told) in Disneyland, this closure will affect the Spring Break crowds when it's time for them to eat

It looks like some sort of film location setup


The drinking fountains were walled off

stock photo from Nov.
This Sunday will be the last day for Princess Tiana's photo location. Starting Feb. 5 and ending Sept 6, Tiana’s Mardi GrasCelebration will take place in New Orleans Square.
Tiana’s Mardi Gras Celebration will feature the Jambalaya Jazz, who will parade out from the Court of Angels along with Princess Tiana and several dancers and will make their way to the upper terrace in front of French Market and perform an interactive show with Guests featuring songs from the film The Princess and the Frog

Various views of the drained river

The Mark Twain's paddle wheel gone

These tulips should look nice when they bloom
That's it for this week. =)
Until next time


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