Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Run at the Parks

Back from my week long vacation and had some time to stop by at the Disneyland Resort to see what I missed on my normal Thursday outing.

The new Stroller / Wheelchair rental place. The tram driver announced the new location 3 times and yet I still saw Guests go inside and realize they moved it

Gift Fulfillment? Never did find out where it was


The walls taken down around the thing-a-ma-jig

Part of the platform submerged

Some fountain testing

The guide map mentions the new Little Mermaid attraction coming soon

Uh-oh, what happened here

The walls shifted over this past week for Little Mermaid construction

Almost all the lamp posts along the street have been removed

Another look at the new stroller / wheelchair rental place

Man, they brought back the celebration lamp post flower pots

Frontierland entrance getting refurbished

Peeking over the 6' high tarp

Taking a ride on the Mansion

Dry river

Taking a ride on Small World Holiday

Getting ready for the Capt'n

Starcade still with it's orange tiles

Thanks for looking


Until next time...

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