Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

This week has been a wet on. I had to put off on going yesterday (Thurs) because of the rain. With today's weather calling for showers off and on throughout the day, I thought this would be the best time to go. Off and on it did. In fact, as I was making my way to the Parking Structure, I almost said "forget it" as the rain started to come down hard.

This dry bed has been flooded due to all the rain that has been taken place

They finally got a pump to start pumping out all the water

Now it's time to go to the Disneyland Resort

A look at both entrances before going into Disney's California Adventure

Not a lot of people for a rainy Friday

I think they pushed these walls out a bit

The right side pillar is gone

Thinking the cereal box would protect my friend and I. But then I see that the insects ate through the cardboard

I guess with all the water, it has bubbled the dome a bit

Looks like a canopy has appeared for Silly Symphony Swings

Midway Mania had less than a 5 min wait. Hardly ever see that!

One of the midway games was closed

While on the Fun Wheel, we can see the rain coming. Little by little, the tress started to disappear in a mist

Towards the end of the trip of the Fun Wheel, the rain hit us. We took shelter over by Pizza Mow Mow for a bit

With a gap in the rain, we decided to head on over to Disneyland

Not to bad for a rainy Friday

The Main Street Cinema has reopened. It looks the same to be as it did before

Looks like they got the toppers on at the entrance to EO

Scaffolding in the preshow

No crowds in front of the Castle

Adventureland was a breeze to walk through

Was going to ride Mansion, cause Pirates was closing. But as we get there, Mansion was closing for technical difficulties as well

Pirates closed

Something must have happened to prevent the restaurant CM's to gather near the Pirates bridge.

Speaking of bridges...

That concludes this pictorial. Thanks for stopping by


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  1. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I feel like I go there with you every time. Lets hope for sunshine this week.

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