Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day At The Disneyland Resort

Decided to check out the Disneyland Resort on Jan 1, 2010. Usually New Years Day isn't as busy as the previous days. But I was wrong. It was busy, not as busy as the other days, but still pretty busy. Maybe it has something to do with it being Friday.

On with the pictures

Only a few hours ago, this section had fire in it

Gonna go check out the Bugs wall

Not much happening

Looks like they placed little spokes to keep the birds from messing up the black support legs.

Was going to go on the Fun Wheel, but the both queues for the Gondola's reached a 45 min wait. And chances are not much has changed due to the holidays. So going on it will have to wait until next time

This projector is underneath the launch hill, and it looks to be aimed at the ChernaZurg

Beginning Jan 4 2010 through the middle of Feb, this section of walkway will be closed for repaving

And everyone will be traveling through this walkway

Over in Hollywood, looks like they are getting ready for the walls that will soon take up the street

Markings on the ground to show where the walls will be placed

Anyone want some free phones

The clearing for the bugs path

More markings

Soon, when the walls on Hollywood Blvd are placed, it will be one way traffic

These seem such a rip off in price. 2 GB SD card - $29.95 and the 8 GB SD card $89.95

Some props still left over

Canoes still operating with Tiana's Showboat Jubilee taking place

Watching Tiana one last time

Parked over at the Buzz Lot

Thanks for looking

See you next time


  1. thank you for the great photos. It will be interesting seeing the crowds coming out of Alladin with those walls up. What they should do is close the northern side of the street between the slushie shop to the fake facade at the end of the street. Just force everyone to go through the backlot. That would sure increase foot traffic for muppets and monsters inc.

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